Cutting block 32mm for Rowenta Trim and Style Face hair clipper CS-00140575

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Fine cutting block for hair clipper Rowenta Trim & Style Face. 32mm head. This head is best suited for details. It can be used to outline the beard or sideburn areas.

  • Maintain a defined beard thanks to the 32 mm razor. Used with the adjustable beard comb.
  • This beard trimmer has been designed for Trim & Style Wet & Dry TN9100F0/TN9106F0/TN9130F0/TN9130F0/TN9160F0 multifunction razors manufactured after the first week of 2018*.
  • *The manufacturing date of your hair clipper is a four-digit code printed or engraved below the product.
  • The first two digits correspond to the week of production, and the last two correspond to the year. For example, the code 0118 refers to week 01 of the year 2018.

    Reference: CS-00140575

    TN9100F0/GLO TN9140F4/GLO
    TN9106FQ/GLO TN9100F1/GUO
    TN9130FO/GLO TN9130F1/GLO
    TN9160FD/GLO TN9160F1/GLO
    TN4422FO/GLO TN9152F1/GUO
    TN9152FO/GLO TN9155F1/GUO
    TN9155FQ/GLO TN4422F1/GUO
    TN4420FO/GUO TN9159F0/GUO
    TN9150F0/GUO TN9118FO/GLO
    TN8908FQ/GUO TN9156FQ/GLO
    TN9110F4/GLO TN911LFO/GUO

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