Bosch and Ufesa mixer transmission rod and clutch 00750665

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Mixer rod and clutch assembly Bosch and Ufesa. Whisk accessory for whipping egg white for pastries. Original Bosch accessory for hand blender.

Reference: 00750665

Replaces: 00182787

BL4566/01 MQ5B350/02 MSM6A6RTW/03
BL4566/02 MQ5B350GB/02 MSM6A70/01
BL4566/03 MQ5B350N/02 MSM6A70/02
BP4564/01 MSM14200/01 MSM6A70/03
BP4564/02 MSM14500/01 MSM6A70/04
BP4566/01 MSM16500/01 MSM6A70EU/02
BP4566/02 MSM24500/01 MSM6A70EU/03
BP4566/03 MSM2620B/01 MSM6A70EU/04
BP4575/02 MSM2623G/01 MSM6B300/01
BP4576/01 MSM2623GGB/01 MSM6B300/02
BP4576/02 MSM26500/01 MSM6B301EU/02
BP4578/02 MSM2650B/01 MSM6B400/02
BP4578/03 MSM6A50/01 MSM6B500/01
BP4598/01 MSM6A50/02 MSM6B500/02
GHB1004S/01 MSM6A50/03 MSM6B500KL/02
MFQ3580/01 MSM6A50EU/02 MSM6B700/01
MFQ3580/02 MSM6A50GB/01 MSM6B700/02
MFQ3580/03 MSM6A60/01 MSM6B700/03
MFQ3580/04 MSM6A60JP/01 MSM6B7RE/02
MFQ3580S/01 MSM6A60JP/02 MSM6BRE/02
MFQ3580S/02 MSM6A60JP/03 MZ9TU02(00)
MFQ3580S/03 MSM6A60TW/03 ZHB1004P/01
MFQ3580S/04 MSM6A60UC/01 ZHB1004S/01
MQ5B300/01 MSM6A60UC/02
MQ5B350/01 MSM6A6RJP/03

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