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Showing 1 - 36 of 140 products
Pull handle refrigerator Hisense gray K1468398Tirador maneta frigorífico Hisense gris K1468398
Tirador frigorífico Balay, Lynx, Crolls, Bosch 00093613Tirador frigorífico Balay, Lynx, Crolls, Bosch 00093613
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Maneta tirador frigorífico Liebherr 909603600Maneta tirador frigorífico Liebherr 909603600

Handle puller fridge Liebherr 909603600

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Tirador frigorífico Teka y Vestel 42061754
Tirador frigorifico panelable Fagor, Edesa, Aspes AS0000496Fagor panel refrigerator handle, Edesa, Aspes AS0000496
Tirador color Inox frigorífico Beko 4900060400
Tirador articulado frigorifico Balay 12036379Balay refrigerator articulated handle 12036379
Tirador de frigorífico Balay, Lynx, Bosch 00480761Tirador de frigorífico Balay, Lynx, Bosch 00480761
Kit de tiradores de frigorífico Beko, Saivod 4321270300
Tirador frigorífico panelable Fagor, Edesa, Aspes ST0029136
Tirador frigorífico Bosch 00369547
Tirador articulado frigorífico Balay 12036381
Tirador puerta superior frigorífico Beko 4326391000
Tirador frigorífico Balay, Lynx, Bosch 00490705Tirador frigorífico Balay, Lynx, Bosch 00490705
Tirador de puerta para frigorifico Balay, Bosch, Lynx  00483078
Beko refrigerator articulated puller 26 cm 4397250700Tirador articulado frigorífico Beko 26 cm 4397250700
Tirador de frigorífico Bosch 00096110
Mango de puerta frigorífico Beko 5907610300Mango de puerta frigorífico Beko 5907610300
Embellecedor de tirador frigorífico Balay, Bosch Inox 00658274
Tirador color Inox frigorífico Beko 4900061200Tirador color Inox frigorífico Beko 4900061200
Mango tirador de puerta frigorífico Balay, Lynx 00640551
Tirador frigorífico universal blanco 19.6 cmTirador frigorífico universal blanco 19.6 cm
Tirador frigorífico Beko 5907610100Beko 5907610100 refrigerator puller
Maneta puerta frigorífico Indesit C00525381
Tirador puerta frigorifico Liebherr 909653200
Conjunto mangos puerta frigorífico Beko Saivod 4321270500
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Conjunto de tiradores frigorífico Bosch 00369542Conjunto de tiradores frigorífico Bosch 00369542

Bosch refrigerator handle set 00369542

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Generic chest freezer handleTirador de arcón congelador genérico
Tirador frigorífico Zanussi Corberó blanco 2236286056Tirador frigorífico Zanussi Corberó blanco 2236286056
Tiradores frigorífico pack Fagor, Edesa, Aspes FR4803000
Tirador refrigerador frigorífico Fagor F860005P5
Tirador maneta frigorífico Hisense K1493891
Tirador arcón congelador Whirlpool, Ignis 481249818194

Spare parts for handles and refrigerator handles in electrodode.

Door handle spare parts for refrigerators. Buy your spare parts online at and receive the products within the period of your choice. The handles are the parts of the refrigerator that suffer the most breaks because it is the part that wears out the most due to use. There are different types of refrigerator handles: plastic, articulated, metallic,... Each model of each brand mounts a different type of item, so it is necessary to know the model of the appliance to know which part you need. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will tell you which spare part is the right one for your appliance. We work with spare parts from the main brands on the market: Balay, Fagor, Bosch, Siemens, Beko, Edesa, Ariston, Samsung, Indesit, Haier...

If you can't find what you're looking for, call us or contact our customer service so they can locate the part and upload it to our website so you can finalize your purchase.

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