Balay refrigerator handle trim, Bosch Inox 00658274

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Cover lid for articulated refrigerator handle House, Bosch.

This trim hides the opening mechanism of the refrigerator door. Original part for Bosch, Balay appliance.

Reference: 00658274, 12030933

3FC1551L 3FCE643XE/16
3FC1552L 3FCE643XE/17
3FC1651L 3FCE643XE/26
3FC1651L/01 3GF8551L
3FC1651L/03 3GF8552L
3FC1651L/04 3GF8651L
3FC1651L/06 3GF8651L/01
3FC1651L/12 3GF8651L/03
3FC1651L/14 3GF8651L/04
3FC1651L/16 3GF8651L/08
3FC1652L/01 3GF8651L/10
3FC1661P 3GF8661P
3FC1661P/01 3GF8661P/01
3FC1661P/03 3GF8661P/03
3FC1661P/04 3GF8661P/04
3FC1661P/12 3GF8661P/08
3FC1661P/14 3GF8661P/10
3FC1661P/16 3GF8663P
3FC1662P 3GF8663P/01
3FC1663P 3GF8663P/08
3FC1663P/01 3GF8663P/10
3FC1663P/04 3GF8667P
3FC1663P/12 3GF8667P/01
3FC1663P/14 3GF8667P/04
3FC1663P/16 3GF8667P/08
3FC1667P 3GF8667P/10
3FC1667P/01 3GFB640ME/01
3FC1667P/03 3GFB640ME/26
3FC1667P/04 3GFB642ME/01
3FC1667P/12 3GFB642ME/03
3FC1667P/14 3GFB642ME/07
3FC1667P/16 3GFB642XE/01
3FCC647XE/01 3GFB642XE/03
3FCC647XE/13 3GFB642XE/07
3FCC647XE/16 3GFB642XE/26
3FCC647XE/26 3GFB643XE/01
3FCE640ME/01 3GFB643XE/03
3FCE640ME/17 3GFB643XE/07
3FCE640ME/26 3GFB643XE/26
3FCE642DE/01 3GFB647XE/01
3FCE642DE/12 3GFB647XE/03
3FCE642DE/16 3GFB647XE/26
3FCE642DE/17 GSN36CL32
3FCE642DE/26 GSN36CL32/01
3FCE642ME/01 GSN36CL32/03
3FCE642ME/12 GSN36CL32/04
3FCE642ME/16 GSN36CL32/05
3FCE642ME/17 KSV36CL32
3FCE642XE/01 KSV36CL32/01
3FCE642XE/12 KSV36CL32/02
3FCE642XE/16 KSV36CL32/03
3FCE642XE/17 KSV36CL32/04
3FCE642XE/26 KSV36CL32/05
3FCE643XE/01 KSV36CL32/06
3FCE643XE/12 KSV36CL32/07

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