Balay refrigerator handle, Lynx, Crolls, Bosch 00093613

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Refrigerator handle replacement Balay, Lynx, Bosch.

This spare part is used to replace a handle in poor condition and acquire an optimal opening.


  • Total length: 19.6 cm.
  • Distance between screws (center): 16 cm.

Reference: 00093613

3FG5622 ASTRO360 F6513E
3FG5624 F6000(00) F6521
3FG5632 F6120 F6521E
3FG5634 F6140 F6522
3FG5672BC F6200 F6523
3FG5682BC F6201 F6523E
3FG5682BP F6212 F6525
3FG5682DC F6222 F6525E
3FG5692BC F6232 F6542(00)
3FG5692DC F6242 F6542
3FG653E F6300 F6700
3FG6613 F6310 G6902
3FG6623 F6320 G6911(00)
3FG6625 F6325 KGSPIT1GR
3FG6633 F6500 P1KCR3520V
3FG6635 F6512 P1KCR3820V
3FG699E F6513 RF9614

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