Balay refrigerator handle, Lynx, Bosch 00490705

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Adaptable replacement for the refrigerator handle Balay, Bosch, Lynx, Superser, Crolls.

Replacement handle to replace broken or damaged handles over time.

  • Longitud total: 245mm
  • Distance between screws: 197 mm.

Reference: 00490705

3FC1530A BD2200T
3FC1530B BD2201T
3FC1730A BD2201TKD
3FC1730B BD2203TE
3FC1830B BD2350T
3FE2430A BD2351T
3FE2530A BD2351TKD
3FE2730A BD2352T
3FE2730N BD2353T
3FE2740A BD2400T
3FE2740B BD2401T
3FE2750A BD2603TE
3FE2760A BD3200T
3FE2760B BD4300ANF
3FE2860A BD4302ANF
3FE2860B BD4350ANFH
3FF4730A BD4351ANFH
3FF4730B BD4352ANFH
3FF4730N BD4360ANFM
3FF4760A BD4400ANF
3FF4760B BD4500ANF
3FF4760N BD4501ANF
3FF4830A BD4603ANFE
3FF4830B BD4650ANF
3FF4830N BD4651ANF
3FF4860A BD7500T
3FF4860B DF3200
3FF4860N DF3201
3FFB3405 GS26D410
3FFB3410 GS26D410NE
3FFB3510 GS30D410
3FFB3605 GS31D430
3FFB3610 GS34D410
3FFB3710 GSD26410
3FN1530A GSD26410GB
3FS3541SR GSD26410NE
3FS3551SR GSD30410
3GF1830B GSD30410NE
3GV1530A GSD31430
3GV1530B GSD34410
3GV1730A KGN33HN1
3GV1730B KGN36HN1
3GV1830B KS30R410
3KE4860A KS30R410SD
3KE4860B KS34K410
3KE4860N KS34R410
3KE4960A KS35K410
3KE4960B KS38K410
3KE4960N KSK34410
3KE5730A KSK34410HH
3KE5830A KSK35410
3KE5930A KSK38410
3KE7830A KSR30410
3KE7930A KSR30410FF
3KF4830A KSR30410GB
3KF4830B KSR30410SD
3KF4830N KSR34410
3KF4860A P1KCL3400D
3KF4860B P1KCL3401D
3KF4860N P1KCL3600D
3KF4930A P1KCL3601D
3KF4930B P1KCL4000D
3KF4930N P1KCL4001D
3KF4960A P1KCL4400D
3KF4960B P1KCL4401D
3KF4960N P1KCR3401D
3KFB7610 P1KCR3501D
3KFB7620 P1KCR4300D
3KFB7810 P1KCR4301D
BD1090 P1KCR4600D
BD1100 P1KCR4601D
BD1190 P1KCS3700D
BD1200 P1KCS3701D
BD1290 P1KCS3702D
BD1300 P1KCS4000D
BD1350 P1KCS4001D
BD1390 P1KCS4002D
BD1400 P1KCU3900D
BD2000T P1KCU3901D
BD2100T P1KCU3902D
BD2101TE P1KCU4200D
BD2101TKD P1KCU4201D

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