Bosch refrigerator handle 00369547

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Replacement for the refrigerator handle Bosch.

This replacement is used to replace a handle in poor condition due to daily use or accidental damage.

Reference: 00369547

KGE26420 KGU31124GB KGV26610 KGV33660IE KSV25100GR
KGE31421 KGU31125GB KGV26610FF KGV35420IE KSV25110GR
KGE34421 KGU34100 KGV26620 KGV35421 KSV25610ME
KGE36420IE KGU34105 KGV31421 KGV35421FF KSV25623
KGE36421 KGU34105EU KGV31421GB KGV35421GB KSV25624
KGS33310 KGU34610 KGV31421IE KGV35422 KSV29602
KGS33310FF KGU34610FF KGV31422 KGV35423GB KSV29610FF
KGS36122 KGU35114GB KGV31422FF KGV35424GB KSV29610ME
KGS36310 KGU35115GB KGV31423GB KGV36311 KSV29610NE
KGS36310EX KGU36100 KGV31424GB KGV36603FF KSV29623FF
KGS36310FF KGU36100EU KGV31440 KGV36610 KSV29666
KGS36315 KGU36105 KGV32400 KGV36620 KSV32320CH
KGS36325 KGU36105EU KGV32420 KGV39620 KSV32320FF
KGS36340 KGU36122 KGV32421 KGV39620FF KSV33602ME
KGS36370 KGU36123GB KGV32423GB KSG32V20NE KSV33603NE
KGS39310 KGV26420IE KGV32424GB KSG35V20NE KSV33610ME
KGS39310FF KGV26421 KGV33320 KSU30610 KSV33612FF
KGS39340 KGV26421GB KGV33320FF KSU30622FF KSV33613
KGS39345 KGV26421IE KGV33325GB KSU32610 KSV33614FF
KGS39350 KGV26422 KGV33610 KSU32622FF KSV33670
KGU30614GB KGV26423GB KGV33640

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