Complete grinder for Delonghi ESAM automatic coffee machine 5513227971

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Complete replacement grinder for coffee machines Delonghi superautomatic. This piece is sold complete as shown in the image and is responsible for grinding the coffee and then continuing the process.

DO NOT use roasted coffee in this type of coffee maker..

Reference: 5513227971

Previous references: 7332167000 - 7332190300 - 7332203600

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EABI66.00 ESAM3650
WE ARE 5500 ESAM4000
ESAM03.110 ESAM4200
ESAM03.120 ESAM4500
ESAM04.110 ESAM5400
ESAM04.350 ESAM5450
ESAM04.353 ESAM5500
ESAM2200 ESAM5600
ESAM2600 ESAM5700
ESAM3000 ESAM5708
ESAM3200 ESAM6600
ESAM3240 ESAM6620
ESAM3500 ESAM6650
ESAM3550 ESAM6700

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