Delonghi, Nespresso Citiz Coffee Maker Piston ES0099854

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Delonghi Nespresso coffee machines complete piston. The piston is the spare part that punctures the capsules and injects the water for the preparation of the coffee.

Code: ES0099854

Old code: ES0059264, ES0062038, ES0086183


  • EN 165.B Citiz
  • EN 165.CW Citiz
  • EN 165.S Citiz
  • EN 265.BAE Citiz & Milk
  • EN 265.CWAE Citiz & Milk
  • EN 265.SAE Citiz & Milk
  • EN 266 Citiz .BAE
  • EN 266. Citiz BAE
  • EN 266. Citiz CWAE
  • EN 266.BAE Citiz
  • EN 266.CWAE Citiz
  • EN 325.B Citiz & CO
  • EN165.B Citiz
  • EN165.Y Citiz
  • EN166.B
  • EN325.B Citiz & CO

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