Rowenta, Tefal, Moulinex iron power cable CS-00134537

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ironing cable for Rowenta, Tefal, Moulinex. Models: Compact, Performance, Compact Steam, Active.

Original replacement accessory for ironing center. This cable has a specific elbow shape to fit perfectly into the base of the boiler plate.

Reference CS-00134537


DG7505F0/23 GV6335C0/23 GV6732E0/23
DG7505F3/23 GV6339E1/23 GV6733E0/23
DG7506F0/23 GV6340C0/23 GV6760C0/23
DG7510F0/23 GV6340E1/23 GV6760C1/23
DG7511F0/23 GV6350C0/23 GV6760E0/23
DG7520F0/23 GV6350E1/23 GV6761C0/23
DG7521F0/23 GV6360E0/23 GV6761E0/23
DG7522F0/23 GV6361E0/23 GV6770C0/23
DG7523F0/23 GV6720C0/23 GV6770C1/23
DG7525F0/23 GV6720C1/23 GV6770E0/23
DG7550F0/23 GV6720E0/23 GV6771C0/23
DG7551F0/23 GV6721C0/23 GV6771E0/23
DG7571F0/23 GV6721E0/23 GV6810C0/23
DG7571F0/23A GV6722M0/23 GV6811C0/23
DG7580F0/23 GV6725E0/23 GV6815C0/23
DG7581F0/23 GV6730C0/23 GV6815E0/23
DG7581F0/23A GV6730E0/23 GV6816C0/23
FP005063/1P GV6731C0/23 GV6817C0/23
GV6330C0/23 GV6731E0/23
GV6330E1/23 GV6732C0/23

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