Set of 2 washing machine shock absorbers Fagor, Edesa, Aspes LC4A007A9 AS0040536

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Replacement of two shock absorbers for washing machine Fagor, Edesa, Westinghouse.

Original replacement for washing appliance. The washing machine shock absorber is the part that prevents sudden movements of the device. Sometimes, due to use of the appliance or excessive load, the shock absorber may stop working correctly or may even break. These faults can be repaired by replacing the part.

Reference: LC4A007A9 AS0040536




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1F-1810 F-2814 L-5810P WFK1018A
1F-1810A F-4810 L-6223CE WFK1018E
1FG-2814 F-4812 L-7812S WFK1018F
1FG-8214D F-48121 L-8722S WFK1018Q
1ML-282 F-4812X LA-6.5ME WFK1028M
8KM1000 F-4812X-1 LFA-7110 WFK1028S
8KM1200 F-4814 LFA-7112 WFK1118F
ALF1107 F-4814-1 LFA-7310 WFK1135EF
ALF1107X F-5814 LFA-7312 WFK1216P
ALF1127 F-7200 LFB-710 WFK1217F
ASTRA-L8K14 F-8012 LFB-712 WFK1218E
BCH2810 F-810 METAL-L1017 WFK1218F
BCH2812X F-812 METAL-L1048 WFK1228F
BWF084T F-8210 METAL-L1248 WFK1230F
BWF182T F-8210B MWF1-2810 WFK1248A
BWF182TB F-8210X MWF1-2812 WFK1248E
BWF184T F-8212 OWM812 WFK1248ES
BWF184TX F-8212D OWM812E WFK1317F
BWF1DT82 F-8212X OWM812S WFK1318F
BWF1DT84 F-8312 PFD-1084 WFK1417F
BWF8110E F-8314 PFD-1238 WFK1418E
BWF8212E FA-4812 PFD-1284 WFK1418F
BWF8212LX FA-4812X PFD-1284LX WFK1428F
BWF8214E FA-4814 PFD-1438DOSE WFK1448E
CACH-L1048F FA-5812 PFD-1484 WFK1458FE
CI240WH FA-5812X PLAT-L1048S WFK1458XE
DELUXE-L1248 FCH2810 PLAT-L8210S WFK2217FB
DFW1084CH FCH2812X ROMAN-L1017 WFK2248F
DFW1084WA FE-1710 ROMAN-L1018 WFK2248F2
DFW801W FE-2712 ROMAN-L1048 WFK2248FE
DFW802W FE-2712X ROMAN-L1247 WFK2248FE1
DFW804B FE-712A ROMAN-L1248 WFK2248X
DFW810W FE-8010 SGF113108 WFK2448E
DFW812B FE-8012 SGF118128 WFK2448EX
DFW-812B1 FE-810 SGF128103 WFK2448F
DFW812X FE-8212 SGXX7108 WFK2448FE1
DFW814B FE-8212B SGXX9148 WFK2448X
DFW-814B1 FE-8212LX SPORT-L1248 WFK2458FE
DFW814W FE-8212X SPORT-L1248C WFK84
DFW814X FE-8214 SPORT-L8212C WFT8110I
DFW814X1 FE-8312D SPRING-710 WFT8120D
DREAMG-710 FE-8314X SPRING-8110 WFT8121XI
F-1710 FG-2712 URBAN-L1248 WFT8142I
F-1710X FG-2714 URBAN-L8210 WMF1020
F-1810 FG-2812 URBAN-L8212 XP-8212
F-1812 FG-2814 VLF802B XPERTA
F-2712 FG-8314D VLF804B XPERTA E
F-2712X FGB-8314 VLF8126 XPERTA INOX
F-2714 FM8100 VLF8127B XPERTA M
F-2808 FU-7814 VLF812B XPERTA MX
F-2810 FU-7814X VLF8146 ZEN-L1018
F-28101 HOLLY-810 VLF8147B ZEN-L1048
F-2810LX HOME-L8110 VLF8227B ZEN-L1248
F-2810X HOME-L8210 VLF8247B ZEN-L8110
F-2810X-1 HOME-L8212 WF-127 ZEN-L8210
F-2812 L-1048 WFA-8124 ZEN-L8212
F-2812-1 L-1248 WFF8281N
F-2812X L-5712XP WFF8481N

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