Edesa refrigerator upper balcony, Fagor F99L010A7

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Original replacement upper shelf for the refrigerator Edessa Fagor

Replacement part to place your small containers or cans properly in your appliance.

Referencia: F99L010A7, F99L010C9, F99L010B3, F99L005C2, F99L005B6, F99L003A5, F99L008A4, F99L002A7, F99L001A9, F99L009A2, F99L009B8

ZEN-F610 SCAL-F53 CE-340PD CE-340PNNF CT-1850NF
ZEN-F637 POP-F20 CE-340PND CES-40 3C-3400NFS
DREAMG-185 ROMAN-F20 CE-340XD CG-340 3CE-337
DREAMG-1851 METAL-F20 CE-340NF 1CD-340 3CE-340
DREAMG-2001 FANTASY-85 CE-340NFX 1CT-310 3CE-340NF
DREAMG-F85 CACH-850F CE-342V 1CT-320 3CE-340NFX
ROMAN-F301 PLATE-F63S CE-342D 1CID-340V RC311
ROMAN-F337 DANCE-F185 CE-342PD 1CM-34 RC322
METAL-F337 ROMAN-F40 CE-342XD CEE-340 CS-340
HOLLY-F85 ROMAN-F43 CE-342NF DDE-235X 2S-216
SUNNY-F85 METAL-F43 CE-342NFX 2SCE-206 2S-218
FLAT-F610S POP-F63 DDE-235NF 2SCE-208 2D-230
HOLLY-F1851 SPORT-F63 DDE-235INNF 2SCE-208X 2D-235
SUNNY-F1851 ROMAN-F63 SCE-206 2DDE-230 2D-235LV
DELUXE-185 METAL-F63 SCE-208 2DDE-235 2DP-235LV
HOLLY-F852 SCALE-F63 CE-337 2DDE-235P 2D-235LX
PLAT-F632S POP-F67 CE-340 2DDE-235L 2C-336
ZEN-F676 SPORT-F67 CE-342 2DDE-235X 2C-339
ZEN-F671 ROMAN-F67 CE-340P 2DDE-235NF 2C-337
ZEN-F437 METAL-F67 CE-340PNF 2CE-337 2C-340
ZEN-F636 RALLY-185 2DD-235 2CE-340 2CP-340
ZEN-F631 ART-1850M 2CD-340V 2CE-337V 2C-342
ZEN-F337 ART-2000M CD-340NF 2CE-340V 2C-343
ZEN-F301 ROMAN-F84 CT-310 2CE-340P 2C-337LV
URBAN-F676 SPRING-185 CT-320 2CE-340PNV 2CP-337LV
URBAN-F671 F63W CT-410NF 2CE-340INV 2C-340LV
URBAN-F670 F63IX CT-420NF 2CE-340XD 2CP-340LV
URBAN-F437 BASIC-F630 CM-34 2CE-340NF 2CPN-340LV
URBAN-F636 URBAN-F637 CM-34NF 2CE-340NFX 2C-340LX
URBAN-F631 URBAN-F677 DG-235V 1CT-420NF 2C-342LV
URBAN-F630 CCE-339NF CG-340V 2CE-340PNNF 2C-343LV
URBAN-F337 CCE-339 CG-340NF 2CE-342NF 2CP-342LV
ZEN-F630 AFC1852NFX DS-35L 2CE-342NFX 3DS-35V
ZEN-F63 AFC1852NF CES-40V 2CE-340D 3CS-37V
PLAT-F633S DDE-275F CES-40NF 2CE-342D 3CS-40V
PLAT-F633XS DDE-230 CID-340V 1DS-35L 3CS-41V
SPORT-F53 DDE-230P CID-340NF 1CES-40 1DD-235
ROMAN-F30 DDE-235 1CE-337 1CES-40NF 1CD-340V
ROMAN-F33 DDE-235P 1CE-340 1CG-340 1CD-342V
ROMAN-F73 RIGHT-235L 1CE-340P 1CG-340NF CD-340LV
POP-F53 CE-336 1CE-342 3DD-235 2C-340EL
ROMAN-F53 CE-339 1CE-337V 2CD-340ANULAD 2C-340ELX
ROMAN-F68 CE-337V 1CE-337PV 3CD-340NF 2DP-230
METAL-F53 CE-337PV 1CE-340V 1CID-340NF 2DP-235
ROMAN-F57 CE-340V 1CE-340PV 1CM-34NF DG-235
METAL-F57 CE-340PV 1CE-340PNV 1CT-410NF CG-337LV
POP-F57 CE-340PNV 1CE-340INV 1DG-235V CG-340LV
METAL-F33 CE-340INV 1CE-342V CT-341NF CG-342LV
ROMAN-F83 CE-340D 1CE-342PV CT-3410NF CID-340

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