Washing machine door hinge Fagor, Edesa, Aspes, Westinghouse L79A001A2

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Washing machine hatch hinge Fagor, Edesa, Aspes, Westinghouse. The hinge is the replacement part that fits between the door frames and the body of the washing machine. Replacement for plastic tank models.

Reference: L79A001A2

Previous references: L79A000A4, 905165130

1F-1148IN F-105 KWM-241 LD-2100 PF2-800
1F-1148IT F-1054 KWM-351 LD-2120 PF-400
1F-1156 F-1056 KWM-381 LD-411 PF-500
1F-1158DOMO F-1056I L-104 LD-412 PF-500E
1F-1158P F-1056IM L-1041 LD-420 PF-700E
1F-2200P F-1056P L-1041I LD-421 PF-800
1F-2609P F-1056PM L-1041S LD-422 PF-900E
1F-2609PN F-1058DP L-110 LD-430 PFE-1100E
1F-2611P F-1148I L-1100 LD-521 PFE-900E
1F-3609IT F-1148IM L-1100/S LD-522 PFE-900ELX
1F-3611 F-1148IT The 1136IT LD-523 PULSAR
1F-3611IT F-1158 L-114S LD-533 QWD1
1F-538P F-1158A L-1420B LD-534 QWM1
1F-538PN F-1158DB L-143-P LD-733 RA-500
1F-946 F-1158 L-1541 LD-744 RLH-551
1F-946LX F-1158P L-161C LD-832 ROMAN-LI1046
1F-948P F-1158XW L-191C LD-841 ROMAN-LI1047
1F-948PN F-115P L-192C LD-842V ROMAN-LI1246
1FE-1047 F-1358 L-204 LD-943 ROMAN-LP1026
1FE-1047S F-2 L-2082F LD-945 ROMAN-LP1027
1FE-1347 F-2009 L-2261F LE-1040 ROMAN-LSI1126
1FE-1347S F-2011 L-2261F/1 LE-141 ROMAN-LSI1146
1FE-417 F-2013 L-2281F LE-381 ROMAN-LSI1246
1FE-537 F-2100P L-2281F/1 LE-410 RWH-5109TWW
1FE-537S F-2200P L-24 LE-4111D RWH-5209
1FE-837 F-2609P L-304 LE-430 RWH5402FWW
1FE-837S F-2609PN L-305R LE-510 RWH-6109TWW
1FE-946 F-2611P L-3061R LE-530 RWH-6209
1L-104I F-3611 L-3081R LE-840 RWH6402FWW
1L-104IT F-3611IT L-3082R LE-840P SAW-500
1L-104S F-3612ITB L-308R LED-550 SLA-420
1LP-104S F-3710IT L-40 LEF-150 SLA-550
1LP-114S F-3712IT L-405 LEF-4110V SPF-1100E
1LP-53 F-3712P L-4061P LEF-4130V SW201
1LP-53N F-420 L-4081P LF-142B TA-850
1LP-84 F-424 L-4082P LF-42 TA-890
1LP-84N F-436P L-41 LF-42B TH-451
1LS-410P F45 L-411 LF-53 TH-4514
1LW-116 F451E The 411A LF-540 TH-551
1LW-136 F501T L-412 LF-84 TH-5514
1LW-96 F50T L-42 LFC1050TNVD/W TH-851
2F-2609P F-518 L-420 LFC-2000 TH-8514
2F-2609PN F-536P L-43 LFC-430 URBAN-LI1247
2F-3609IT F-538 L-431 LFC-540 URBAN-LI6210
2F-3610IT F-538P L-432 LFC-850 URBAN-LI7210
2F-3611 F-538PM L-450 LFC850TDFR URBAN-LSI1246
2F-3611IT F-54 L-450/S LFC850TNDW URBAN-LSI6212
2F-3611P F-6212IT L-452 LFC850TNDWFR UWM-1046
2F-3613IT F-634 L-452/S LG-400 UWM-1046/1
2FS-3610IT F-636P L-453 LG-420 UWM-536
2FS-3611IT F-636PM L-4530 LG-830 UWM-536/1
2FU-3611IT F-7210IT L-500 LH-40TW VL-1300
2L-104I F-7212IT L-508 LH-40W IN
2L-104IT F-7212P L-5081G LH-50TW W0801W
2LP-53 F72ART L-5082G LH-80TW W1002
2LP-53N F-738 L-5101G LI-85 W1003
2LP-84 F-84 L-5102G LJ-41 WA
2LP-84N F-844 L-511 LK-115 WA=10
2LS-410P F-846P L-53 LK-4 WA-100
3F-3608IT F-846PM L-531 LK-42 WA-1000
3F-3610IT F-84I L-534 LK-4500 WA-1001
3F-3610P F-84P L-60 LK-4530 WA-1010
3F-3610PN F-84PM L-600 LK-4-S WA-1011
3F-3611I F-85 L-600/S LK-53 WA-1100
3F-3611IN F901T L-6061I LL-1020V WA-1102

3F-3611IT F90T L-6081I LL-40 WA-13
3F-3612IT F-948 L-6082I LL-401 WA-130
3F-3612P F-948DG L-63 LL-80V WA-1300
3F-3613IT F-948IN L-631 LM-1000 WA-1306
3FS-3611IT F-948P L-7061D LM-110 WA-1310
3FS-3611ITCCC F-948PM L-7081D LM-60 WA-3300B
3L-104I F-948R L-7082D LN-1 WA-4
3L-104IT F-948Y L-8052 LN-2 WA-400
3LP-114S FA-1000 L-8054 LN-2040 WA-401
3LP-53 FA-516 L-805S LN-2040-220 WA-4010
3LP-53N FA-5162 L-8061S LN-410 WA-406
3LP-84 FA-538 L-8081S LN-420 WA-410
3LP-84N FA-5382 L-8082S LN-530 WA-6100
3LP-94 FA-600 L-808S LP-1000 WA-6100T
3LP-94N FAST L-811 LP-1036 WA-6101
42C FC-1008L L-84 LP-1036N WA-6102
43CT FC-1008L/1 L-841 LP-104 WA-6111
43CT1 FE-1 L-841A LP-1041S WA-6112
43CT2 FE-1047 L-84I LP-104M WA-6113
4L-1046IT FE-1048 L-84IM LP-110 WA-6118
4L-84IT FE-1059 L-85 LP-1100 WA-6119
5085WA FE-1059V L-850 LP-114S WA-6120
800F FE-1158 L-8500 LP-2065 WA-6121
840/1 FE-1159V L-9061M LP-2086 WA-6125
841/1 FE-1347 L-9081M LP-2086N WA-6126
A-4021 FE-1358 L-9082M LP-2096 WA-6127
A-41D FE-1359V L-914D LP-2096N WA-6128
A-42 FE-2 The 914G LP-3116S WA-7013
AD-1158 FE-2009 L-914S LP-43 WA-7304
AD-42 FE-2010 L-936IT LP-453 WA-7310
AD-738 FE-2011 LA-14 LP-53 WA-7313
ALF2086IT FE-2013 LA-14** LP-531 WA-8
ALF2106IT FE-3 LA-141 LP-531M WA-80
ALF2106P FE-41 LA-143 LP-53M WA-800
ALF2107IT FE-417 LA-24 LP-60 WA-801
ALF2127IT FE-418 LA-241 LP-600 WA-8010
ALS3116IT FE-418B LA-243 LP-600/S WA-802
AS-738 FE-428 LA-34 LP-60M WA-810
AUTOMATIC-14 FE-42G LA-341 LP-63 WA-8300
AUTOMATIC-24 FE-5181 LA-351 LP-63M WA-8301
AVANTG FE-519 LA-353P LP-836 WA-8308
AXANE FE-537 LA-363 LP-84 WA-8310
BA140 FE-538 LA-363CKD LP-841 WA-8313
BAW-1000 FE-539 LA-38 LP-841M WA-8410A
BAW-800 FE-6210IT LA-381 LP-84M WA-8413A
BKW FE-6212IT LA-383 LP-85 WA-855
BKW-540 FE-7210IT LA-383PN LP-850 WAV-1000
BKW-905 FE-7212IT LA-4020 LP-850/S WAV-400
BLF-400 FE-738 LA-4021 LP-85M WB-100
BR-1090 FE-739 LA-4030 LPR730 WB-40
BR-690 FE-749 LA4030TWFR LPR735 WB-60
BR-747 FE-82 LA-4031 LS-1136IT WBD1114K
BTWM4 FE-83 LA-410 LS-40 WBD1114U
BTWM5 FE-837 LA-4101 LS-41 WBF1114K
BTWM6 FE-844 LA-4101ST LS-410P WBF1114U
BWD-1000 FE-844IM LA-4103 LSF-550 WBF1126K
BWD12.1 FE-848 LA-4111S LSF-550B11 WBF1250K
BWD6421 FE-85 LA-4113S LSF-550B11ARG WD601
BWF172I FE-948 LA-4123 LT-1204 WD602
BWW162I FE-949 LA-4163 LT-124 WD603
CI330CDA FESOR LA-45 LT-1304 WDI1200NM
CI340CDA FF-105 LA-5040 LT-1508 WDI2202
CI340IN FF-2009 LA-5041 LT-304 WDI62112
CI930 FF-2011 LA-58 LT-42 WDI63113
CI931IN FF-2013 LAC-4030 LT-43 WDI63113CN
CL-1040TB FG-358 LAC-4030TP LT-508 WDI63113HK
CL-1040TV FG-388 LAC-4031TP LTP-1405 WF1000T
CL-4101 F-H-1336P LAC-5040TP LTP-1405M WF55T
CL-422T FLP5000 LAC5040TPW LTP-1508 WFIT6012I
CL-423T FR-400 LAC-5041TP LU-40 WFIT6412I
CL-42T FR-600 LAC-8050 LU-4000 WI62112
CL-500 FR-800 LAC8050TFR LU-4103 WI63113
CL-700 FRESH-143 LAC-8050TW LU-42 WI63113DE
CL-84 FRESH-243 LAC8050TWF LU-4200 WI73110
CL-850 F-S-1046P LAC-8051TP LU-7300 WI73140DE
CT-4517 F-S-1048P LAF-14 LU-83 WM001
CT-5517 FS-1146P LAF-14(IAR) ONION1 WM-1000
CT-8517 FS-1148P LAF-14(NEUTRAL LUKE2 WM-1000V
BEAT-381 FS-3611IT LAF-141 LUK-3 WM-1010
CURO-4101D FS-3612IT LAF-142 LUK-4 WM-1100V
CURO-4103D FS-6212IT LAF-153 LUXE WM-1300
DD-6314IPN FSCH3612IT LAF-24 LV-204 WM-2004
DD-6314ITX FSE-6212IT LAF-241 LV-24 WM-2008
DDS-6311IPN F-ST-105 LAF-242 LV-304 WM-2010
DDS-6311ITX FU-1047 LAF-351 LV-400 WM-400
DEC FU-1148IT LAF-352 LV-405 WM-400-1
DLZ413JE1 FU-1158 LAF-38 LV-500 WM410
DLZ413JU1 FU-1158IN LAF-381 LV-508 WM500
DLZ491JE1 FU-1358 LAF-382 LV-53 WM601
DLZ491JU1 FU-2013 LAF-410 LVASE-F000 WM602
DLZ614BE1 FU-3611IT LAF-4101 LVE-42 WM603
DLZ614JE1 FU-6116IT LAF-4102 LVF-42 WM-800
DLZ614JU1 FU-6146IT LAF-4103V LVF-54 WMC-5004
DLZ692JE1 FU-837 LAF-4131 LVF-85 WMC-5008
DLZ692JU1 FUS-3611IT LAF-45 LVM-42 WMC-5010
DLZ692JU2 FUS-6116IT LB-110 LVM-54 WMC-5012-A
DLZ693BU FW-1000 LB-110P LVP-405 WMC-5013
DLZ693W FW-550 LB-40 LVP-508 WMI1400NM
DLZ693WCH FW-850 LB-42 LVP-508M WMI2001
DLZ714B FWD612IT LB-60 LW-104ST WMI2004
DLZ714W GS-25 LB-60PM LW-1148D WMP-1100V
E-650L GS-35 LB-60SA LW-114ST WMP-410
E-651L HL-6100 LB-70 LW-116 WV-10S
EB-351 HL-6101 LB-70P LW-130 WV-4S
EF-438 HL-6102 LB-70PM LW-136 WV-8S
EF-538 HOME-LI6210 LB-85 LW-40 WWH5109X
EF-948 HOME-LI7210 LB-85I LW-41 WWH5209T
EFF HOME-LI7212 LB-85P LW-410ST WWH5309W
EFF-831 HOME-LSI6212 LB-85PM LW-411ST WWH5402F
EH-522 ILV-42 LBF-400 LW-50 WWH6109X
EH-832 ILV-54 LBF-450 LW-60 WWH6209T
EHP-40 ILV-85 LBF-550 LW-61 WWH6309W
EHP-50 K1100CT LBF-850 LW-70 WWH6402F
EL-459 K-420C LBP-38 LW-90 WWH7109X
EL-460 K-430CT LC-2000 LW-96 WWH7209T
EL-490 K430CT1 LC-421 LAW-53 WWH7402F
EL-549 K430CT2 LC-421-220 MRT-145 WWH8109X
EL-550 K-555 LC-425 MRT-155 XQG50-BTWM5
EL-556 K630CT LC-450 MRT-185 XQG60-BWD12-1
EL-559 K630CT1 LC-451 MWM600IN ZEN-LI1047
EL-849 K730CT LC-452 N-4021 ZEN-LI1246
EL-850 K-888 LC-541 N-4031 ZEN-LI1247
EL-904 CALORIC-4050 LC-836P NCW-540 ZEN-LI7212
EL-905 CALORIC-4070 LC-936IT NCW-905 ZEN-LSI1246
ELCO KE-450 LC-981 PBD-1064 ZEN-LSI6212
EU-1041 KE-453 LD-1042 PF-1000
F-1 KWDI63113 LD-1042V PF-1100E
F-100 KWI63113 LD-1051 PF2-400
F-1046IT KWM-141 LD-1153 PF2-500

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