Washing machine door hinge Fagor, Edesa, Aspes, Westinghouse L79G000A9

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Washing machine hatch hinge Fagor, Edesa, Aspes, Westinghouse. Replacement for repair. The hinge joins the washing machine door to the appliance and can break when placing weight on the door or due to wear and tear caused by use.

Reference: L79G000A9

1F-4611 DFI-5F FUS-6116X PFD-2060 VLF7122B
1F-4611X DREAMG-712 HOLLY-612 PFD-2466S VLF7134B
1F-4613 F-2612B HOLLY-710 PFD-3026 VLF7140
1F-4613X F-2710LX HOME-L5110 PFD-3027 VLF7142
1FE-1017 F-6010 HOME-L6110 PFD-3227 VLF7144
1FE-1027 F-6012 HOME-L6210 PFD-3427ET VLF7144B
1FE-1247E F-610 HOME-L7110 PFD-83IP VLF7202
1FE-84 F-610X HOME-L7210 PFD-84 VLF7224B
1FG-1427 F-710 HOME-L7212 PFD-93IP VLF7240
1FG-2612 F-7210 HOME-LS6212 PFD-93IPLX VLF7244B
1FG-2614 F-7212 KWD63110 PFDA-113IP VLF7302
1FG-7214 F-7212X L-1015 PFDA-133IP VLF7320
1L-1050G F-7214 L-1026 PFE-104 VLF7324B
1L-1609I FANTASY-620 L-1036 PFE-1060 VLF7340
1L-1611I FAS-3612 L-1036LX PFE-1066 VLF7344B
1L-209R FAS-3612X L-1036X PFE-1066E WD63110
1L-211R FE-1036E L-1060S PFE-1115 WD63114
1L-270R FE-1047E L-2109R PFE-113IP WFA0515E
1L-272R FE-1236E L-2311R PFE-1264 WFA0605FK
1L-4090F FE-1247E L-4311F PFE-1277 WFA0606FK
1L-509G FE-6010 L5 PFE-2060 WFA0615F
1L-511G FE-6012 L-5109G PFE-83IP WFA0615F1
1L-7090D FE-610 L-5110P PFE-84 WFA0676E
1L-7110D FE-6212B L-5311G PFE-860 WFA0676F
1L-7310D FE-7010LX L-5312P PFE-93IP WFA0677E
1L-860G FE-7012 L-6123CE PLAT-L1016S WFA0835E
1LS-4106 FE-7014 L-7110S PLAT-L1216S WFA0835F
1LS-486 FE-710 L-7190D FLAT-L6010S WFA0876E
1ML-170 FE-712 L-7311D POP-L1026 WFA0876F
2F-107 FF-1005X L-7312S POP-L826 WFA0877A
2F-209 FF-107 L-7610S RALLY-620 WFA0877E
2F-211 FF-109 L-7712S ROMAN-L1015 WFA0905FK
2F-2607 FF-111 L-7722S ROMAN-L1026 WFA0906FK
2F-2609 FF-111X L-815 ROMAN-L1226 WFA1035E
2F-2609LX FF-1550 L-836 ROMAN-LS1126 WFA1046F
2F-2611 FF-1750 L-850S ROMAN-LS1226 WFA1047E
2F-2613 FF-2095 LC-1015 SGF113107 WFA1076A
2F-311 FF-2105 LC-5P SGF118127 WFA1076E
2F-3609 FF-2105X LC-815 SGF125103 WFA1077A
2F-3609X FF-2306 LC-85 SGF125803 WFA1077E
2F-3611 FF-2306X LC-85LX SGF126103 WFA1117F
2F-3611X FF-2950 LD-1156 SGF126803 WFA1216F
2F-3613 FF-306 LD-2005 SGF127103 WFA1217F
2F-3613X FF-406 LDA-6 SGF127129 WFA1246F
2FF-3611 FF-5000 LE-1155 SGF127803 WFA1247E
2FF-3613 FF-5010 LEA-5108 SGF3159B WFA1247F
2FS-3611 FF-510 LEA-5110 SGF3169B WFA1276E
2FU-311 FF-511 LEA-6110 SGF3179B WFA1276SH
2FU-3613 FF-522 LEA-6210 SGF3659B WFA1316F
2FU-3613LX FF-6012 LEB-508 SGF3859B WFA1416F
2FU-3613X FF-6013 LF SGF3869B WFA1417F
2L-860D FF-6014 LF-1106 SGF3879B WFA1446F
2ML-116 FF-6212 LFA-1000 SGFA3115 WFA1447E
2ML-316X FF-6213 LFA-1200 SGFA3116 WFA1447F
2ML-96 FF-6213X LFA-3100 SGFA31179 WFA1456F
3F-109 FF-6214 LFA-6108 SGFA375 WFA174E
3F-109CCC FF-6214X LFA-6110 SGFA395 WFA3217F
3F-111 FF-623 LFA-6112 SGFA396 WFA374E
3F-1609 FF-6300 LFA-6310 SGFA9126 WFA606A
3F-1610 FF-6314 LFA-6312 SGFA912710 WFA676A
3F-1610X FF-633 LFB-310 SGFA9146 WFA-7110
3F-1611 FF-650 LFB-611 SGFA91479 WFA-7112
3F-1612 FF-7012 LFB-631 SGLF9116 WFA-7310
3F-1612LX FF-7013 LM-610 SPFD-1064 WFA-7312
3F-1614 FF-7014 LS-1136 SPFD-1226 WFA876A
3F-211 FF-7114 LSGE63AFETA2B SPORT-L1226 WFB-170
3F-2609 FF-712 LVGE06AFETA2B SPRING-610 WFB-712
3F-2610 FF-7214 METAL-L1026 SPRING-7110 WFD1146E
3F-2611 FF-7214X METAL-LS1126 SUNNY-510 WFD1250F
3F-2611X FF-7314 METAL-LS1226 SUNNY-610 WFD711A
3F-2612 FF-850 ML-196 URBAN-L1026 WFD711ALX
3F-2612X FF-850LX ML-316 URBAN-L1027 WFF1266N
3F-2614 FG-1005 ML-316X URBAN-L6210 WFF1276E
3F-2614X FG-111 MWD3-3611 URBAN-L7210 WFF1466N
3F-3612 FG-1206 MWF3-1611 URBANLF WFF1476E
3F-3614 FG-1406 MWF3-2511 URBAN-LS1226 WFT5110I
3F-3614X FG-1427 MWF3-2612 VEF6116 WFT6100XI
3FS-3611 FG-2612 OWD1164 VLF0615E WFT6120D
3FS-3611CCC FG-2614 OWD1164S VLF0815E WFT6120I
3FS-3611X FG-2614X PFD-1026 VLF1006FK WFT6141D
BW325SL FG-7214 PFD-1027 VLF1015E WFT6142I
BW325W FGB-160 PFD-104 VLF1635 WFT6412I
BWD1100W FGB-162 PFD-104LX VLF5102 WFT6412XI
BWDW325W FGB-170 PFD-1060 VLF5122 WFT7100I
BWF1106SS FGB-1705 PFD-1066 VLF5322 WFT7121XI
BWF164T FGB-172 PFD-1066E VLF606FK WFT7142I
BWF170T FGB-1725 PFD-1067 VLF6102 WL-1000
BWF171T FGB-260 PFD-1077 VLF6104 WL-110
BWF172T FGB-262 PFD-1125 VLF6112 ZEN-L1015
BWF174T FGB-270 PFD-1126LX VLF6120 ZEN-L1017
BWF3374 FGB-272 PFD-113IP VLF6122 ZEN-L1026
BWF372T FGS-3612 PFD-1226 VLF-6122 ZEN-L1217
BWF374T FS-3612 PFD-1237 VLF6124 ZEN-L1226
BWF506E FS-3612X PFD-1260 VLF6140 ZEN-L1227
BWF508E FS-6212 PFD-1264 VLF6142 ZEN-L5110
BWF510E FSCH3612 PFD-1266 VLF6142X ZEN-L6110
BWF6110E FSE-6212 PFD-1266E VLF6144 ZEN-L6210
BWF6212E FSE-6212LX PFD-1267 VLF6220 ZEN-L6212
BWF7108E FU-4613 PFD-1277 VLF6224 ZEN-L7110
BWF7110E FU-4613X PFD-1426ET VLF64LS ZEN-L7112
BWF7212E FU-6126 PFD-1437ET VLF7002 ZENL7210
BWF7214E FU-6126LX PFD-1466 VLF7012 ZEN-L7212
BWFARTS FU-6146 PFD-1466E VLF7112 ZEN-LS1226
CACH-L1016F FU-6146X PFD-1467 VLF7112LX ZEN-LS6212
DANCE-L610 FUS-6116 PFD-1477 VLF7122

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