Rowenta Universal Wonderbag Bag 4 Units WB484720

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vacuum cleaner bag Wonderbag Universal endura 4 units Rowenta.

Bolsa Wonderbag Allergy Care x 4 - WB484720.

Thanks to its patented UNIVERSAL adapter, WONDERBAG can be installed on most vacuum cleaners.

  • 5 layers for 99% filtration of particles*: thus preventing the proliferation of bacteria,
  • Microfiber material for greater resistance (reduces the risks of tears and bursts).

* % of particle mass

Reference: WB484720

Compatible with models

  • Silence Force
  • Silence Force Extreme
  • Silence Force Compact
  • X-Trem Compact
RO1431F RO4421 RO47230
RO1438F RO4427 RO47620
RO16212 RO44270 RO55451
RO1629I RO44272 RO55550
RO16301 RO4429 RO55651
RO16501 RO4449 RO56291
RO310 RO44490 RO56610
RO320 RO44492 RO57370
RO320N RO45200 RO5777O
RO324 RO45201 RO58220
RO325 RO45232 RO58250
RO330 RO45400 RO58330
RO340 RO45401 RO59130
RO344 RO45412 RO59210
RO354 RO46270 RO5921R
RO38410 RO46290 RO59251
RO38530 RO46291 RO59310
RO38870 RO46620 RO59381
RO43231 RO4723 RO5945E

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