Siemens vacuum cleaner bag type R 8+1 with closure 00460687

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Siemens vacuum cleaner bag VS1.A VR9 range 8 replacement filters, with a hygienic microfilter.

Replacement bag Type "R" 8 + 1

Code: 00460687

Old Code: 00459293

VR900020(00) VR98030/01 VS11A00/04
VR900061(00) VR98030/02 VS11A00CH/01
VR9010020(00) VR98082(00) VS11A00CH/02
VR9010061(00) VR99001/02 VS11A00CH/04
VR9011(00) VS10A00/01 VS12A00/01
VR90120(00) VS10A00/02 VS12A00/02
VR90120/01 VS10A00/03 VS12A00/04
VR90120/02 VS10A00/04 VZ9293(00)
VR90120CH(00) VS10A01/02 VZ92R90(00)
VR90120CH/01 VS10A01/03
VR90120CH/02 VS10A01/04
VR9802(00) VS11A00/01
VR98030(00) VS11A00/02

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