Rowenta CS-00137184 ironing center pump

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Pump for iron repair with boiler Rowenta. Original replacement part for ironing center. The pump is the part that pushes the water from the external tank to the boiler of the appliance.

When this part breaks down, or becomes blocked due to limescale in the water, the boiler may not receive the water necessary to create the steam necessary for ironing.

Reference: CS-00137184

  • Perfect Steam
  • Perfect Steam Pro
  • Eco Intelligence
DG8531F0/23 DG8980F0/23
DG8535F0/23 DG8980F1/23
DG8560F0/23 DG8981F0/23
DG8561F0/23 DG8990F0/23
DG8570F0/23 DG8991F0/23
DG8571F0/23 DG8990F0/23
DG8580F0/23 DG8520F0/23
DG8960F0/23 DG8560F0/23
DG8960G0/23 DG9222F0/23
DG8961F0/23 DG9226F0/23
DG8961G0/23 DG9248F0/23
DG8975F0/23 DG9222F0/23
DG8978F0/23 DG8522F0/23

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