Washing Machine Pump Fagor, Edesa, Aspes, Westinghouse L71B014I1

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Pump for washing machine Fagor, Edesa, Aspes, Westinghouse. Part for appliance repair. When the washing machine pump has a breakdown, it stops draining the water or, on occasions, the appliance stops during the wash in an emptying phase. Also, on occasions, this fault is preceded by a strange noise when the water is emptied from the appliance.

Code: L71B014I1

Fagor pump F518, F538, F1158, COPRECI EBS-2556-3307

Other codes: L71B014A5, L71B012A9, L71D002I0, L71D001I2

1FG-1427 FF-6012 /WR PFD-3427ET VLF6142
1FG-2612 FF-6013 /MO PFD-84/CKD VLF6144
1FG-7214 FF-6013 /WR PFE-104/CKD VLF6220
3F-109 FF-6213 PFE-1050/CKD VLF6224
3F-111 FF-6213 /MO PFE-1060 VLF64LS
3F-211 FF-6213 /WR PFE-1066 VLF7002
ALF106 FF-6214 PFE-1066E VLF7302
ALF108 FF-6214 /MO PFE-1115 VLF7320
ALF110 FF-6214 /WR PFE-1165 VLF7324B
ALF1106 FF-650 PFE-1250/CKD VLF7340
ALF2106 FF-7012 PFE-1260 VLF7344B
BASIC-L1016 FF-850 PFE-1264/CKD WBF1250K
BASIC-L1017 FG-1005 PFE-2060 WDI63113CN
BWF164T FG-111 PFE-84/CKD WDI63113HK
BWF172I FG-1206 PFE-850/CKD WFA0515E
BWF3374 FG-1406 PFE-860 WFA0515F
BWF372T FGB-272 /WR PLAT-L1016S WFA0606FK
BWF374T FS-6212 PLAT-L1216S WFA0615F
BWF506E FS-6212IT PLAT-L6010S WFA0676E
BWF508E FSCH3612 ROMAN-L1015 WFA0676F
BWF6110E FSE-6212 SGF125103 WFA0835F
BWF6212E FSE-6212IT SGF125803 WFA0876E
BWF7110E FSE-6212LX SGF126103 WFA0876F
BWF7212E HOLLY-612 SGF126803 WFA0906FK
BWF7214E HOLLY-612 /MO SGF3159B WFA1046F
BWW162I HOLLY-612 /WR SGF3169B WFA1076A
CI330IN HOME-L5110 SGF3659B WFA1076E
CI931IN HOME-L6110 SGF3859B WFA1216F
DANCE-L610 HOME-L6210 SGF3869B WFA1246F
F-6010 HOME-L7110 SGFA3115 WFA1276E
F-6012 HOME-L7210 SGFA3116 WFA1276SH
F-610 HOME-L7212 SGFA375 WFA1316F
F-610X HOME-LI6210 SGFA395 WFA1416F
F-6212IT HOME-LI7210 SGFA396 WFA1446F
F-7212 HOME-LI7212 SGFA9126 WFA1456F
F-7212P HOME-LS6212 SGFA9146 WFA3217F
F-7212X HOME-LSI6212 SGFT105 WFA374E
F-7214 KWD63110 SGFT106 WFA606A
FE-1036E KWDI63113 SGFT85 WFA676A
FE-1236E KWI63113 SPFD-1226 WFA876A
FE-6010 L-7610S SPRING-610 WFF1266N
FE-6012 LVASE-F000 SUNNY-510 WFF1276E
FE-610 MWF3-1611 SUNNY-610 WFF1466N
FE-6210IT MWF3-2511 SUNNY-610 /MO WFF1476E
FE-6212B MWF3-2612 SUNNY-610 /WR WFIT6012I
FE-6212IT PFD-1026 URBAN-L1026 WFIT6412I
FE-7010LX PFD-104/CKD URBAN-L6210 WFT5110I
FE-7012 PFD-1060 URBAN-L7210 WFT6100XI
FE-7014 PFD-1066 URBANLF WFT6120D
FE-710 PFD-1066E URBAN-LI6210 WFT6120I
FE-712 PFD-1125 URBAN-LS1226 WFT6141D
FE-7210IT PFD-1126LX URBAN-LSI1246 WFT6142I
FE-7212IT PFD-1165 URBAN-LSI6212 WFT6412I
FEV-1510 PFD-1226 VLF0615E WI63113DE
FF-109 PFD-1260 VLF0815E ZEN-L1015
FF-111 PFD-1264/CKD VLF1015E ZEN-L1026
FF-306 PFD-1266 VLF5102 ZEN-L1226
FF-306 /MO PFD-1266E VLF5222 ZEN-L5110
FF-306 /WR PFD-1426ET VLF5322 ZEN-L6110
FF-406 PFD-1466 VLF6102 ZEN-L6210
FF-5000 PFD-1466E VLF6112 ZEN-L6212
FF-5010 PFD-2060 VLF6120 ZEN-LI1246
FF-511 PFD-2466S VLF6122 ZEN-LS1226
FF-550 PFD-3026 VLF-6122 /MO ZEN-LS6212
FF-6000 PFD-3027 VLF-6122 /WR ZEN-LSI1246
FF-6012 /MO PFD-3227 VLF6124 ZEN-LSI6212

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