Washing machine drain pump Fagor, Edesa, Aspes, Westinghouse L71B014I1

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washing machine pump Fagor, Edesa, Aspes, Westinghouse. Appliance repair part. When the washing machine pump breaks down, it stops emptying the water or, sometimes, the appliance stops during washing in an emptying phase. Also, sometimes, this fault is preceded by a strange noise when the water is drained from the appliance.

Reference: L71B014I1

Bomba Fagor F518, F538, F1158, COPRECI EBS-2556-3307

Other codes: L71B014A5, L71B012A9, L71D002I0, L71D001I2

1FG-1427 FF-6012 /WR PFD-3427ET VLF6142
1FG-2612 FF-6013 /MO PFD-84/CKD VLF6144
1FG-7214 FF-6013 /WR PFE-104/CKD VLF6220
3F-109 FF-6213 PFE-1050/CKD VLF6224
3F-111 FF-6213 /MO PFE-1060 VLF64LS
3F-211 FF-6213 /WR PFE-1066 VLF7002
ALF106 FF-6214 PFE-1066E VLF7302
ALF108 FF-6214 /MO PFE-1115 VLF7320
ALF110 FF-6214 /WR PFE-1165 VLF7324B
ALF1106 FF-650 PFE-1250/CKD VLF7340
ALF2106 FF-7012 PFE-1260 VLF7344B
BASIC-L1016 FF-850 PFE-1264/CKD WBF1250K
BASIC-L1017 FG-1005 PFE-2060 WDI63113CN
BWF164T FG-111 PFE-84/CKD WDI63113HK
BWF172I FG-1206 PFE-850/CKD WFA0515E
BWF3374 FG-1406 PFE-860 WFA0515F
BWF372T FGB-272 /WR PLAT-L1016S WFA0606FK
BWF374T FS-6212 PLAT-L1216S WFA0615F
BWF506E FS-6212IT FLAT-L6010S WFA0676E
BWF508E FSCH3612 ROMAN-L1015 WFA0676F
BWF6110E FSE-6212 SGF125103 WFA0835F
BWF6212E FSE-6212IT SGF125803 WFA0876E
BWF7110E FSE-6212LX SGF126103 WFA0876F
BWF7212E HOLLY-612 SGF126803 WFA0906FK
BWF7214E HOLLY-612 /MO SGF3159B WFA1046F
BWW162I HOLLY-612 /WR SGF3169B WFA1076A
CI330IN HOME-L5110 SGF3659B WFA1076E
CI931IN HOME-L6110 SGF3859B WFA1216F
DANCE-L610 HOME-L6210 SGF3869B WFA1246F
F-6010 HOME-L7110 SGFA3115 WFA1276E
F-6012 HOME-L7210 SGFA3116 WFA1276SH
F-610 HOME-L7212 SGFA375 WFA1316F
F-610X HOME-LI6210 SGFA395 WFA1416F
F-6212IT HOME-LI7210 SGFA396 WFA1446F
F-7212 HOME-LI7212 SGFA9126 WFA1456F
F-7212P HOME-LS6212 SGFA9146 WFA3217F
F-7212X HOME-LSI6212 SGFT105 WFA374E
F-7214 KWD63110 SGFT106 WFA606A
FE-1036E KWDI63113 SGFT85 WFA676A
FE-1236E KWI63113 SPFD-1226 WFA876A
FE-6010 L-7610S SPRING-610 WFF1266N
FE-6012 LVASE-F000 SUNNY-510 WFF1276E
FE-610 MWF3-1611 SUNNY-610 WFF1466N
FE-6210IT MWF3-2511 SUNNY-610 /MO WFF1476E
FE-6212B MWF3-2612 SUNNY-610 /WR WFIT6012I
FE-6212IT PFD-1026 URBAN-L1026 WFIT6412I
FE-7010LX PFD-104/CKD URBAN-L6210 WFT5110I
FE-7012 PFD-1060 URBAN-L7210 WFT6100XI
FE-7014 PFD-1066 URBANLF WFT6120D
FE-710 PFD-1066E URBAN-LI6210 WFT6120I
FE-712 PFD-1125 URBAN-LS1226 WFT6141D
FE-7210IT PFD-1126LX URBAN-LSI1246 WFT6142I
FE-7212IT PFD-1165 URBAN-LSI6212 WFT6412I
FEV-1510 PFD-1226 VLF0615E WI63113DE
FF-109 PFD-1260 VLF0815E ZEN-L1015
FF-111 PFD-1264/CKD VLF1015E ZEN-L1026
FF-306 PFD-1266 VLF5102 ZEN-L1226
FF-306 /MO PFD-1266E VLF5222 ZEN-L5110
FF-306 /WR PFD-1426ET VLF5322 ZEN-L6110
FF-406 PFD-1466 VLF6102 ZEN-L6210
FF-5000 PFD-1466E VLF6112 ZEN-L6212
FF-5010 PFD-2060 VLF6120 ZEN-LI1246
FF-511 PFD-2466S VLF6122 ZEN-LS1226
FF-550 PFD-3026 VLF-6122 /MO ZEN-LS6212
FF-6000 PFD-3027 VLF-6122 /WR ZEN-LSI1246
FF-6012 /MO PFD-3227 VLF6124 ZEN-LSI6212

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