Washing machine drain pump Balay, Lynx, Bosch, Siemens, Crolls, Superser 140584

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Drain pump for washing machine Balay, Lynx, Bosch, Siemens, Crolls, Superser. Series 5500. Replacement part for washing machine repair. You may notice that the washing machine pump has broken down when it stops emptying water or when the appliance stops during washing in an emptying phase. Also, sometimes, this fault is preceded by a strange noise when the water is drained from the appliance.

References: 00142351, 00140584, 00089963, 00393438, 00089974, 00393501, 00089578, 00089966, 00089964, 00089515, 00089954, 00140607 , 00140

BAT10170 LF1023 LRS200
BAT15170 LF1025 LRS210
BAT10120 LF1033 LRS300
BAT15380 LF2021 LRS310
BAT15430 LF2023 LT801
BAT15580 LF2025 LT803
BAT16330 LF3021 LT805
BAT1643 LF3023 LT8350
BAT1659 LF3025 LT8353
BAT16590 LF4025 LT864
BAT1759 LF4033 RT9800
BAT18540 LIT10110 RT9801
BAT1859 LIT15010 RT9802
BAT25070 LIT15060 RT9805
BAT25170 LIT15470 Siwamat2250
BAT26580 LIT16420 Siwamat2280
BAT2759 LIT16570 T5602
BAT28590 LIT25060 T5603
LF1000 LIT25160 T5604
LF1001 LIT26420 T5606
LF1003 LIT26421 T8100
LF1005 LRS100 T8101

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