Pump for washing machine Balay, Lynx, Bosch, Siemens 00141687

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washing machine pump Balay, Lynx, Bosch, Siemens, Crolls, Superser. Replacement part for washing machine repair, sometimes, due to limescale or prolonged use of the appliance, the pump may break and the washing machine may stop draining properly. It can also be seen that the pump is about to break when it makes a strange noise when performing its function.

Reference: 00141687

Other references: 00095069 00093394 00069521 00141124

Compatible con Lynx Bosch Siemens Crolls Superser.

This part is valid for a large number of models, including the following, if you have any questions about whether this is the right part, please contact us.

3TW850A/15 CV61000FG/30 WD31000NL/27 WVF2000EU/23
3TW850A/17 WD21000BY/08 WD31000NL/28 WVF2000EU/26
3TW850A/22 WD21000BY/15 WD31000NL/30 WVF2000EU/27
3TW850A/23 WD30901HK/17 WD31000SN/15 WVF2000EU/28
3TW850A/27 WD30901HK/20 WD31000SN/16 WVF2000EU/30
3TW850A/30 WD31000BY/15 WD31000SN/22 WVF2000FF/15
3TW85A/15 WD31000BY/16 WD31000SN/26 WVF2000GB/15
4TW725A/08 WD31000BY/22 WD31000SN/27 WVF2000GB/16
4TW725A/17 WD31000BY/26 WD31000SN/28 WVF2000GB/22
4TW725A/18 WD31000BY/27 WD31000SN/30 WVF2000GB/23
4TW725A/22 WD31000BY/28 WD31001HK/16 WVF2000GB/26
4TW725A/26 WD31000BY/30 WD31001IN/16 WVF2000GB/27
4TW725A/27 WD31000DD/15 WD31001SG/16 WVF2000GB/28
4TW725A/30 WD31000DD/16 WD33601HK/01 WVF2000GB/30
5TW412B/08 WD31000DD/22 WD33601HK/02 WVF2000IG/15
5TW412B/17 WD31000DD/26 WD33601HK/03 WVF2000IG/16
5TW412B/18 WD31000DD/27 WD33601HK/04 WVF2000IG/22
5TW412B/22 WD31000DD/28 WD33601HK/05 WVF2000IG/23
5TW412B/26 WD31000DD/30 WD33601HK/06 WVF2000IG/26
5TW412B/27 WD31000FF/15 WD34000HK/01 WVF2000IG/27
5TW412B/30 WD31000FF/16 WD34000HK/02 WVF2000IG/28
6TW988A/15 WD31000FF/22 WD34000HK/03 WVF2000IG/30
6TW988A/17 WD31000FF/26 WD34000HK/04 WVF2000NL/15
6TW988A/22 WD31000FF/27 WD34000IN/01 WVF2000NL/16
6TW988A/23 WD31000FF/28 WD34000IN/02 WVF2000NL/22
6TW988A/27 WD31000FF/30 WFT2000BY/08 WVF2000NL/23
6TW988A/30 WD31000GB/15 WFT2000BY/15 WVF2000NL/26
CV61000/15 WD31000GB/16 WVF2000BY/15 WVF2000NL/27
CV61000/17 WD31000GB/22 WVF2000BY/16 WVF2000NL/28
CV61000/22 WD31000GB/26 WVF2000BY/22 WVF2000NL/30
CV61000/23 WD31000GB/27 WVF2000BY/23 WVF2000SN/15
CV61000/27 WD31000GB/28 WVF2000BY/26 WVF2000SN/16
CV61000/28 WD31000GB/30 WVF2000BY/27 WVF2000SN/22
CV61000/30 WD31000HK/30 WVF2000BY/28 WVF2000SN/23
CV61000FG/22 WD31000NL/15 WVF2000BY/30 WVF2000SN/26
CV61000FG/23 WD31000NL/16 WVF2000DD/15 WVF2000SN/27
CV61000FG/27 WD31000NL/22 WVF2000EU/16 WVF2000SN/28
CV61000FG/28 WD31000NL/26 WVF2000EU/22 WVF2000SN/30

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