Bosch Whisk With Adapter Mixer 12019198

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Spare accessory kit for Bosch mixer. Set of rods with speed reducer for Bosch Ergomixx hand mixer. This replacement is a kit that is used for pastry and pastry. It is advisable not to use this accessory at high speeds of the appliance, since the gear is responsible for reducing the speed and the parts may be damaged.

Code: 12019198

MS6CM4110/01 MSM6S50BGB/01
MS6CM4150/01 MSM6S55B/01
MS6CM4160/01 MSM6S55BGB/01
MS6CM6155/01 MSM6S55BTW/01
MS6CM6166/01 MSM6S70B/01
MSM6S10B/01 MSM6S90B/01
MSM6S20B/01 MSM6S90BGB/01
MSM6S50B/01 MSMS721MCN/01

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