Bosch mixer foot 12033217

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mixer arm Bosch. Original spare part for kitchen appliance. It is recommended not to put this part in the dishwasher for cleaning, as it may shorten the useful life of your appliance.

Measurements: 21 x 4 x 2 cm

Reference: 12033217


MQ67110/01 MSM67150RU/01
MQ67115/01 MSM67160/01
MQ67170/01 MSM67160AU/01
MQ67170GB/01 MSM67160GB/01
MQ67185/01 MSM67160RU/01
MS61B6170/01 MSM67165RU/01
MS62B6190/01 MSM67166/01
MS6CB6110/01 MSM67170/01
MS6CB61V1/01 MSM67170B/01
MS6CB61V5/01 MSM67170KR/01
MSM67110/01 MSM67190/01
MSM67120B/01 MSM67190GB/01
MSM67140/01 MSM671X0/01
MSM67140AU/01 MSM671X0/02
MSM67140RU/01 MSM671X1/01
MSM67150B/01 MSM671X1/02


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