Balay refrigerator door intermediate tray, Bosch 00707887

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Original replacement door tray for small bottles and cans for refrigerator house, Bosch, Viva, Pitsos, Cylinda, Constructa

This tray is usually placed in the middle and upper parts of the appliance door.

Reference 00707887

3FC1300B 3KF4065E BD1036W3VV KSCYL75W1H
3FC1502B 3KF5062E BD2029W3VV KSCYL75W1V
3FC1552L 3KF6601W CK129EW30 KSCYL85R1V
3FC1601B 3KF6604W CK268V03 KSCYL85W1V
3FC1603B 3KF6652M CK268V43 PKNB36VI21
3FC1651L 3KF6654M CK272V03 PKNB36VW21
3FC1661P 3KF6664X CK272V43 PKNB36VW30
3FC1662P 3KF6804W CK539EL30 PKNB39VL21
3FC1663P 3KF6854M CK736EL30 PKNB39VL30
3FC1667P 3KF6860W CK736EL31 PKNB39VW21
3FEW2401MY 3KF6864X CK736EL32 PKNB39VW30
3FSL2455 3KF6865X CK736EW30 PKNB39XI30
3FSW2300 3KSB5410 CK736EW31 PKNB39XL30
3FSW2315 3KSB5600 CK736EW32 PKVB36VW30
3FSW2416 3KSB6805 KGN85CYLW1 PKVB39VW30
3KF1080T 3KSL5450 KGV75CYLX1 PKVT29VW30
3KF2086A 3KSP5660 KSCYL60W1H PKVT33VW30
3KF4060E 3KSP6865 KSCYL60W1V VVC36V00S

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