Fridge Door Self Lynx 00660514

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Replacement of balcony door bottle rack for Lynx refrigerator.

This piece is used to place bottles and cans.

Replace it if it is in poor condition due to daily use or accidental shock

Reference 00660514 - 11028443 - 00700598


  • Anchor at 470 mm.
  • Measures 50 x11,5 cm
3FEW2400MY 4KF76B00
3FEW2400MY 4KF76B01
3FFB3400MY 4KF76B10
3FFB3401MY 4KF76B12
3KFB7400MY 4KF76B15
3KFB7401MY 4KF76L50
3KFB7600MY 4KF76L50
3KFB7601MY 4KF76L52
4FE01E41 4KF76L55
4FE01E41 4KF76P62
4FE24B00 4KF78B00
4FE24B10 4KF78B01
4FF34B00 4KF78B10
4FF34B10 4KF78B12
4FF36B10 4KF78L50
4FF36L50 4KF78L52


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