Balay refrigerator lower bottle rack tray 11021186

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Original replacement bottle rack for refrigerator house.

Replacement part to have your food placed in your appliance.

Official authorized distributor of the BSH group.

Medidas: 442 mm x 123,2 mm x 100 mm

Reference: 11021186, 00707403, 00744758

3FC1502B 3KF6615WE
3FC1601B 3KF6625WE
3FC1603B 3KF6626WE
3FC1651L 3KF6635WI
3FC1652L 3KF6653MI
3FC1661P 3KF6655ME
3FC1663P 3KSL5655
3FC1667P 3KR7897GI
3FCC647WE 3KF6662XI
3FCC647XE 3KF6674XE
3KSB5600 3KF6675XE
3KSB5410 3KF6676XE
3FCE642DE 3KF6812WI
3FCE642ME 3KF6825WE
3FCE642WE 3KF6826WE
3FCE642XE 3KF6853MI
3FCE643DE 3KF6855ME
3FCE643WE 3KF6862XI
3FCE643XE 3KSP5660
3FS2302WI 3KR7897BI
3FS2502WI 3KF6875XE
3FS2552MI 3KF6876XE
3KSB6805 3KR7627WE
3KR7897WI 3KR7667XE
3FSL2455 3KR7827WE
3FSW2300 3KR7867XE
3FSW2416 3KR7868XE
3KF6612WI 3KSP6865


3FC1300B 3FC1651L BD1036W3VV
3FC1502B 3FC1661P KSCYL60W1H
3FC1552L 3FC1662P KSCYL60W1V
3FC1601B 3FC1663P KSCYL75W1H
3FC1603B 3FC1667P KSCYL75W1V

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