Vacuum cleaner cable holder Bosch, Siemens, Ufesa 00490642

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Vacuum cleaner cord holder with vacuum cleaner plug Bosch, Siemens.

Replacement part for vacuum appliance repair. This piece can break due to excessive pulling on the cable once the length limit has been reached.

Reference: 00490642

Vacuum cleaner Bosch, Siemens

AC4922/08 BSD3081/09 BX12222/03 VS57A81/08
AS2018N/03 BSD3081/13 VCX1PT2000/03 VS57A81/09
AS2020N/01 BSD3083/09 VS01C100/04 VS57A82/06
BSA2680/09 BSD3180/09 VS01C100/06 VS57A82/09
BSA2800RU/09 BSD3220/06 VS01C110/04 VS57A83/06
BSA2882/06 BSD3300/06 VS01E1550/04 VS57A83/08
BSA2882/08 BSG42000/05 VS01E1550/06 VS57A83/09
BSA2882/09 BSG42000/06 VS01E1800/02 VS57B00/05
BSA3000RU/09 BSG42402/06 VS01E1800/03 VS57B00/06
BSA3010/05 BSG42500/06 VS01E1800/04 VS57E00RU/06
BSA3010/06 BSGL2MOV21/09 VS01E1801/04 VS57E20/06
BSA3022/09 BSGL2MOV22/09 VS01E1900/01 VS57E81/06
BSA3025RU/09 BSGL2MOV23/09 VS01E2000/01 VS57E81/08
BSA3030/09 BSGL2MOV24/09 VS01E2001/01 VS57E81/09
BSA3081/09 BSGL2MOV30/09 VS01E2010/01 VS59A10/05
BSA3083/09 BSGL2MOV30/11 VS01E2011/01 VS59A10/06
BSA3100/05 BSGL2MOV31/09 VS01E2100/01 VS59A22/06
BSA3100/06 BSGL2MOV31/11 VS01E2100/05 VS59A29/06
BSA3100RU/09 BSGL2MOVE/09 VS01E2110/01 VS59A30/06
BSA3125RU/09 BSGL2MOVE1/09 VS04B100/06 VS59E20/06
BSA3180/09 BSGL2MOVE2/09 VS04B100/13 VS59E22/06
BSA3200/06 BSGL2MOVE3/09 VS04G2000/05 VS59E80/06
BSA3510/06 BSGL2MOVE4/09 VS04G2000/06 VS59E80/08
BSAB112/09 BSGL2MOVE5/09 VS04G2001/06 VS59E80/09
BSAC110/09 BSGL2MOVE6/09 VS04G2080/06 VS5A2302/09
BSB2080/09 BSGL2MOVE7/09 VS04G2080/08 VS5A2522/06
BSB2081/09 BSGL2MOVE8/09 VS04G2081/06 VS5C100/09
BSB2180/09 BSGL2MOVE9/09 VS04G2081/08 VS5C101/09
BSB2884/09 BSN1810/02 VS04G2100/05 VS5E2312/06
BSB2982/09 BSN1810/03 VS04G2100/06 VS5E2412/06
BSD2700RU/06 BSN1810/04 VS04G2200/06 VS5PT20/10
BSD2800RU/06 BSN1900/01 VS04G2300/06 VS5PT2000/12
BSD2833/06 BSN2010/01 VS04G2301/06 VS5PT2000/13
BSD3000RU/06 BSN2020/01 VS04G2400/06 VS5PT2002/12
BSD3020/06 BSN2100RU/01 VS04G2502/06 VS5PT2002/13
BSD3020/12 BSN2100RU/02 VS4PT2200/06 VS5PT24WET/06
BSD3022/06 BSN2100RU/06 VS54B00/06 VSX11230CN/01
BSD3022/12 BSNC100/04 VS55A20/06 VSX11230CN/03
BSD3023/06 BSNC100/06 VS55A21/06 VSX11430CN/01
BSD3025/06 BX11800/01 VS57A03/05 VSX11430CN/03
BSD3025/12 BX11800/03 VS57A20/05 VSX11630CN/01
BSD3025RU/06 BX12000/01 VS57A20/06 VSX11630CN/03
BSD3030/06 BX12000/03 VS57A44RU/06 VSX11800/01
BSD3030/09 BX12022/03 VS57A80/06 VSX11800/03
BSD3030/12 BX12101/03 VS57A80/08 VSX12000/01
BSD3030/13 BX12101/04 VS57A80/09 VSX12000/03
BSD3030/14 BX12122/03 VS57A81/06 VSX12022/03

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