Universal oven support bushing kit Bosch, Siemens, Balay 00631174

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Set of retaining bushings for the side supports of ovens:

  • house
  • Bosch
  • Siemens

(BSH Group)

Valid for side supports of kitchen appliance trays with and without pyrolysis. If you have doubts about your model, you can contact us before making your purchase.

Reference: 00631174

3CGX466BQ HB33G1541S HB78GB590B HBG34S550 HGA323120R
3HB503XM HB33G1545S HB78GB590W HBG41R450E HGA323150R
3HB504BM HB33G1641S HB78GB670B HBG42R350E HGA323220R
3HB504NM HB33G2540S HB78L1571S HBG43R450 HGA323260R
3HB504XM HB33G2550S HB78LB571 HBG43S320I HGA345150E
3HB505XM HB33G2650S HB78R1571S HBG43S320Q HGA34W325R
3HB506BM HB33GB250 HB78RB571 HBG43S350I HGA34W355R
3HB506NM HB33GB541R HBA10B050 HBG43S350Q HGA34W365R
3HB506XM HB33GB550 HBA10B250E HBG43S360I HGD423120Q
3HB508NC HB33GB550J HBA11B150 HBG43S360Q HGD423121N
3HB526XDM HB33GB550R HBA11B150A HBG43S420A HGD425120R
3HB526XIM HB33GB550W HBA11B150Z HBG43S420E HGD625220L
3HB539XIC HB33GB650 HBA11B151V HBG43S450A HGD625255Q
3HB550XM HB33GB650R HBA13B150A HBG43S450E HGD625265R
3HE503BM HB33GS541R HBA13B250K HBG43S460E HGD62D250Q
3HE503NM HB33GS641R HBA20B050 HBG43T151R HGD645120R
3HE503XM HB33L1240S HBA20B150 HBG43T320R HGD645150R
3HE504XM HB33L1540S HBA20B250 HBG43T350R HGD645220H
3HE506XM HB33LB550 HBA20B250C HBG43T360R HGD645220S
5BD33150 HB33LB550J HBA21B150E HBG43T420 HGD645225Q
5BD34150 HB33R1240S HBA21B150Z HBG43T450 HGD645255R
5BD34250 HB33R1540S HBA21B250E HBG43T460 HGD645265Q
5BD36550 HB33RB550 HBA21B421E HBG53R520B HGD64D220T
B12P42N3 HB33RB550J HBA22B150R HBG53R550 HGD69W250T
B12P42S3 HB34AB550 HBA22B250E HBG53R550B HGD725120N
B12P42W3 HB36G1560S HBA22R251E HBG53R560B HGD725150N
B13P42N3 HB36GB550J HBA231150S HBG56R651T HGD745220
B14P42N3GB HB36GB560 HBA231250S HBG56S551E HGD745220L
B15P42N3 HB36GB650J HBA23B120R HBG63R150F HGD745221N
B15P42N3AU HB38GB570 HBA23B120W HBG73B550J HGD745222N
B15P42S3 HB38GB570T HBA23B150 HBG762450S HGD745225N
B15P42W3 HB38GB590 HBA23B150E HBL43S450A HGD745225R
B15P52N3GB HB42AR551E HBA23B150R HBL43S451E HGD745228N
B15P52S3GB HB42AR555E HBA23B150W HBL73S452E HGD745250
B16P42N3 HB43AB550B HBA23B150Z HBL76S652E HGD745250L
B16P42N3AU HB43AS552E HBA23B160R HBR43S450A HGD745255N
B16P52N3GB HB43G1541F HBA23B220Y HBR43S451E HGD745255R
B16P72N3 HB43GB540 HBA23B222E HBR73S452E HGD745256N
B18P42N3 HB43GB550F HBA23B223 HBR76S652E HGD745265R
B18P52N3KE HB43GR255 HBA23B223E HC743521G HGD745350H
B85P62N3MC HB43GR555 HBA23B250 HC743541G HGD745350S
B86P42N3MC HB43GR655 HBA23B251K HC854543G HGD745350Y
CF231254IL HB43GS540 HBA23B251Y HCA422120 HGD74D250E
CF232254IL HB43GS555 HBA23B252E HCA422120C HGD74D350T
CF234753 HB43GS556 HBA23B253 HCA422150M HGD74W255N
CH755720IL HB43GS656 HBA23B253E HCA422250E HGD74W320Y
CH755721IL HB43GT540E HBA23B260 HCA523120R HGD74W325R
CH755722IL HB43GT555 HBA23B260Y HCA623120R HGD74W350Y
CH755750IL HB43LB550F HBA23B262E HCA623150R HGD74W355R
CH755751IL HB43LS551E HBA23B263 HCA624220R HGD74W360Y
CH755790IL HB43RB550F HBA23B263E HCA624250R HGD74W455A
CH832750 HB43RS551E HBA23B321R HCA624260R HGD74W555N
E15P42N3 HB53GB250C HBA23B350Y HCA633120E HGD74X455Q
E16P42N3 HB53GB450C HBA23B351R HCA633150E HGD74X455R
E18P42N3 HB53GB550C HBA23B361R HCA644120R HGD74X455Y
E85P42N3MC HB53GB650C HBA23B451Y HCA644150R HGD74X465R
E95P62N3MK HB53GR550 HBA23BN21 HCA644220R HGD79W220T
FRS4410GSL HB53GR550Q HBA23BN31 HCA644250R HGD79W320T
FRS4410WML HB56GB560C HBA23BN61 HCA644260R HGG94W365R
FRS4411ESL HB56GB660C HBA23R150E HCA722120 HH421210
FRS5410WML HB56GR560T HBA23R150R HCA722120C HH721210
FRS5411EML HB56GS551E HBA23R160R HCA722220 HSA420120
FRS5431WML HB56GS560 HBA23RN61 HCA722220U HSA420120Q
HA748540 HB56LS552E HBA23S140R HCA722220V HSA420123
HA858232U HB56RS552E HBA23S150R HCA724320U HSA420123C
HA858542U HB58GB570J HBA23S350S HCA724320V HV33AB520
HB06BT03M0 HB58GS570 HBA241320S HCA743220F HX625220T
HB06BT13M0 HB63A1220S HBA241350S HCA743250E HX62W520T
HB06LD13M0 HB63A1520S HBA24B150 HCA744220R HX64W220H
HB07BT34B0 HB63A1521S HBA33B150 HCA744220V HX695220T
HB08BT24M0 HB63A1620S HBA33B150A HCA744250R HX725220N
HB08BT33B0 HB63AB512S HBA33B250 HCA744250U HX725520N
HB08LD24P0 HB63AB521 HBA33B550D HCA744260R HX72D220F
HB10AB520 HB63AB521B HBA33B550M HCA744320R HX72D221F
HB10AB550W HB63AB522S HBA34B152 HCA744350 HX72W220T
HB13AB550B HB63AB551B HBA34B162 HCA744350R HX745220E
HB20AB221 HB63G1541F HBA42R350E HCA744351R HX745220F
HB20AB221C HB64AR520F HBA42R451E HCA764220V HX745221N
HB20AB520 HB65AB222F HBA42S350E HCA764250V HX745225
HB20AB521 HB65AB522F HBA42S350R HCA764320V HX745235N
HB20AB521C HB65AB522Y HBA43S150E HCA857320F HX745521N
HB21AB520E HB65AB540F HBA43S350E HCE723250G HX745525E
HB21AB521E HB65AB622F HBA43S360E HCE743253G HX745526E
HB21AB521K HB73A1540S HBA43S422E HCE743420G HX745535H
HB22AB520R HB73AB541 HBA43S452E HCE743460G HX745535N
HB22AR521E HB73AB541S HBA43S462E HCE748123 HX74W230T
HB23A1220S HB73GB550 HBA43T150E HCE854453G HX74W230Y
HB23A1520S HB73LS552E HBA43T360 HE20AB421C HX74W520N
HB23AB510E HB73RS552E HBA63B150B HE23AB504 HX74W530Y
HB23AB511Y HB74AB550 HBA63B151S HE23AB505 HX74W535N
HB23AB512Y HB75GB250 HBA63B152S HE23AT510 HX74W536N
HB23AB520 HB75GB260F HBA63B222F HE23AT512 HX74W545Y
HB23AB520E HB75GB550 HBA63B225F HEA10B250 HX74W630Y
HB23AB520K HB75GB550B HBA63B228F HEA23B120 HX74X535Y
HB23AB520R HB75GB550C HBA63B251 HEA23B121S HX74X545T
HB23AB521Y HB75GB560F HBA63B251Y HEA23B140 HX79W220T
HB23AB523K HB75GB560J HBA63B252F HEA23B150 HX79W230T
HB23AB523S HB75GB560S HBA63B255F HEA23B157 JB33AC51
HB23AB530R HB75GB650 HBA63B258F HEA23B158 JB33UC51
HB23AB540W HB75GB650C HBA63B262F HEA23B161S JH33AC51
HB23AB541Y HB75GB660F HBA63B265F HEA23B250 P1HEB52022
HB23AB620R HB75LB551B HBA63B268F HEA23B260 P1HEB52052
HB23AS540 HB75RB551B HBA64B150D HEA23T153 P1HEB63056
HB23AT510 HB76G1260F HBA64B152F HEA23T350 P1HEB63121
HB23AT520 HB76G1260S HBA64B153F HEA23T351 P1HEB63151
HB23GB540 HB76G1560F HBA64B162F HEA33T150 P1HEB63161
HB23GB540Q HB76G1560S HBA74R150E HEA33T151 P1HEB64256
HB23GB550J HB76G1660F HBA74R251E HEA53T150 P1HEC52052
HB23GB555 HB76G1660S HBA74S350E HEA53T151 P1HEC63121
HB23GB556 HB76GB560 HBA74S360E HEA73B251 P1HEC63151
HB23GB641R HB76L1560F HBG23B150R HEG33S450 P1HEC64256
HB23GB650J HB76LB561 HBG23B320Y HEG33T150 P1HGB84651
HB23GB655 HB76R1560F HBG23B350R HEG34S550 P1HGC84651
HB23GT540R HB76RB561 HBG23B350Y HEV33B551 PHCB154254
HB30GB250C HB78G1570S HBG23B360R HGA223120P PHCB556K50
HB30GB550 HB78G1590S HBG23B360Y HGA233121R PHCB595F20
HB30GB650C HB78G1670S HBG23B450E HGA233260R PHCB595F50
HB32GB240S HB78GB270B HBG23B450Q HGA23W125R PHCB595G20
HB32GB540S HB78GB570 HBG23B460R HGA23W155R PHCB855221
HB32GB555 HB78GB570B HBG331250 HGA23W165R PHCB856251
HB33A1241S HB78GB570C HBG33B250 HGA24W225Q PHTB554225
HB33A1541S HB78GB570J HBG33B530 HGA24W255I PHTB555225
HB33G1241S HB78GB590 HBG342450S HGA24W255Q PHTB855250

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