Rowenta Air Force vacuum cleaner brush all models 24V - 25V and 32V RS-RH5973

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Brush valid for ALL Air Force vacuum broom models Rowenta 24V-25V y 32V. The manufacturer has now replaced the brush and has incorporated LED lighting to improve vacuuming efficiency.

Reference: RS-RH5973

Referencias anteriores: RS-RH5702, RS-RH5697, RS-RH5472, RS-RH4903, RS-RH4927, RS-RH5035, RS-RH4946, RS-RH5070, RS-RH5079

  • Air Force 24 V
  • Air Force Extreme 24 V
  • Air Force Lithium 25V

Unified brush valid for all models.

RH856501/9A0 RH8770WU2D1
RH856501/9A1 RH877101/2D1
RH856501/9A2 RH877101/8M0
RH856501/9A3 RH877101/9A0
RH856501/9A4 RH877101/HM0
RH8565019A0 RH8771012D1
RH8565019A1 RH8771018M0
RH8565019A2 RH8771019A0
RH8565019A3 RH877101HM0
RH8565019A4 RH877183/HM0
RH8565GA/9A3 RH877183HM0
RH8565GA/9A4 RH8771WS/9A0
RH8565GA9A3 RH8771WS9A0
RH8565GA9A4 RH877501/2D1
RH857001/9A4 RH877501/8M0
RH8570019A4 RH877501/HM0
RH857101/9A4 RH8775012D1
RH8571019A4 RH8775018M0
RH857301/9A2 RH877501HM0
RH857301/9A3 RH877583/HM0
RH8573019A2 RH877583HM0
RH8573019A3 RH8775WS/9A0
RH857501/9A2 RH8775WS9A0
RH857501/9A3 RH8776WP/2D1
RH857501/9A4 RH8776WP2D1
RH8575019A2 RH8777WP/2D1
RH8575019A3 RH8777WP2D1
RH8575019A4 RH877901/2D1
RH857583/9A3 RH877901/8M0
RH8575839A3 RH877901/HM0
RH8575GA/9A3 RH8779012D1
RH8575GA9A3 RH8779018M0
RH8575U1/9A3 RH877901HM0
RH8575U19A3 RH8827
RH857601/9A4 RH8827WO/2D2
RH8576019A4 RH8828
RH8578WP/9A0 RH8828WO/2D2
RH8578WP9A0 RH8829
RH857901/9A2 RH8829WO/2D2
RH857901/9A3 RH8870
RH857901/9A4 RH8870WO/2D2
RH8579019A2 RH8871
RH8579019A3 RH8872
RH8579019A4 RH8872WO/2D2
RH857983/9A3 RH8874
RH8579839A3 RH8874WO/2D2
RH8588WO/9A0 RH8879

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