Fagor Edesa Mastercook dishwasher lower basket ST0012257

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Dishwasher lower basket Fagor Innovate. Removable plate and pot cart for dishwashing appliance.

Compatible models Edesa - Mastercook-Aspes

Width 525 Depth 520 Height 140mm

Reference: ST0012257
Replaces references: LV0861911, LV0860100, VH1A000N3, VH1A000M8, VH1A000F7, LV0648500, ST0006207

*This piece can vary its aesthetics due to manufacturer criteria, but its functionality is the same within the appliance.

2LF-013S LV-856I DE GA-5101 VE-41S VFG-25PN 1VF-02PN
ZW-12 5 LV-856IBDE GA-5102 VE-41P VFG-25I 1VFG-25
VF-HOUSE E LV-852 IDE D-7124 WATER-11 VFG-25IN 1VF-02S
LV-3601IN(UK) LV-852IBDE D-7158 VE-51E VOICE-31P 1VF-03E
LVE-1601S(UK) LV-850N D-7156 VE-32PN GS 6820W-F 1VF-03EN
GSC2030XWW LV-70 D-7180 VE-32P GS 6820B-F 1VF-03I
LVW-500 LV-71 E D-7182 VE-21S GI 6820W-F 1VF-03IN
GSD-651W-F1 LV-72E D-7156 DE VE-21P GI 6820B-F 1VF-04S
GSD-651B-F1 LV-71 D-7124 DE VE-21I VFP-65IT 1VF-04SX
GSD-682B-F1 LV-71 B D-7270 VE-21IN GD-86/1 1VF-09S
GSD-682W-F1 LV-71 CB D-7194 DE BKD-630 GD-96/1 1VF-09SX
GSI-682W-F1 LV-851 E D-8198 VA-142P BHD5 1VF-05I
GSI-682B-F1 LV-72 EM 8200 ZW-12 4V LV-2000/1 1VF-65IT
GSI-651B-F1 LV-72 I D-8224 ZW-12 5V VE-42 1VF-65VIT
GSI-651W-F1 LV-72 IB D-8226 ZB-12 5V VE-42X 1VF-65ITX
G-17 LV-83 EB D-7194 NA VF-65ITX DW-11W 1VF-65IT1X
LV-86E LV-88 EB TKD-700 GD-86 DW-11S 1VF-25IX
LV-360DG LV-90 EL-EB TKD-750 GD-96 VFR-14 1VFE-14
LVE-4601S LV-91 EL-EB BELLA-755 BLV-54 VFR-46S 1VFE-25
LV-561IX LV-83 I LV-525 VEA-21P GA-5105W/1 1VFE-02
LVD-34 LV-83 IB B-60M VEA-31P GA-5105B/1 1VFE-03S
LVD-13 LV-88 IB B-60W VEA-41P GA-5105E/1 1VFE-04S
LVP-25A LV-71 B FR A8000WTE LVD-14 GA-600Z 1VFE-09S
LVP-362 LV-83 EM A8000ZTE VF-56E GA-600R 1VFE-65IT
LVP-25 LV-15 B LVM-5 VF-56EN GA-660 1VFE-65ITX
LVP-36B LV-26 B LV-831 VF-56I GA-650 1VFE-65IT1X
LVP-25G LV-88 I LV-83 VF-56IN VD-560P TDW-50F
LVP-36 LV-80 EB CL-2000/22 VF-56IX VD-560PN LVD-50
LVP-36M LV-71 EB CL-3000 VF-25P GSC2030XWW1 VFF-10
VE-11P LVM-8 FAR V-1200 VF-25PN GSC2030XSS VFF-05
VE-312P LV-8 F FAR V-1201 VF-25S UDW-14 VDE-070S
VE-31P LV-93 EB V-1202 FAR VF-25I VF-55P VDE-560P
LV-261I LV-95 EB LOOP 2015E VF-25IN BHD-5/1 1VF-25IN
LV-561I LV-95 EM ZAN 2025EL VF-46S BTD-4SS/1 1VFE-05S
LV-3601DG LV-95 IB DL-50 VF-35X 1VEA-21P BDW5
LV-861E LV-98 EB DL-40 VF-35A 1VEA-31P BDW4SS
LV-360IN LV-98 I RLV-300 RLINE VF-35AX BB-72 2VE-25G
LV-3601Y LV-98 IB 01-800720HOMA VF-35Y SB-72 2VED-25P
LV-360DB LV-99 EB 02-800720HOMA VF-35DB WBR-72 2VED-35S
LVE-261P LV-100 EB ITTEV200/2 VF-35DG BTD-4W/1 2VES-31P
LV-261PM LV-94 V-300 1VEE-11 DE-56SS 2VES-32S
LV-2601S LV-91 LV-112 1VE-21P AFDW-0215/1 2VE-071S
LV-261P VA-161 LV-212 I 1VE-21S 1VE-31IX LV-4025F
LV-261IM VA-171 EB LV-112 W 1VE-21I BTD-4B/1 WBR-72/1
LV-3601DB VA-271 EB LV-212 I(M) 1VE-21IN VFE-65IT WB-72/1
LV-561EM VA-271 EM SINGER LW-920 1VE-31S DE-56W BB-72/1
LVE-261PM VH-10E EEA-92 1VE-31SLX DE-56B SB-72/1
LV-3601IN VA-141P LV-856 S 1VE-31P VFF-17 ZW-2124
BI55 VA-251P LV-856 Z 1VE-31PN VFF-27 ZB-2126X
DWB-342 VA-361P LV-856 K 1VE-41S VFF-37S ZBI-2125
DWB-340 VA-361PM DW-333W 1VE-41E BR-890 ZW-2126
DWI-342 VA-141 DW-333 V-1205 2VA-141 ZB-2124X
SI55 AV-087 959(ELECTRA) 1VES-32S 2VA-141P G-182
BB55 AV-287 E KLEENMAID 1VES-31P 2VA-251P SKU-DW0001
LVE-46P AU AV-287 IFR GS-5000 VFE-14 2VA-361P RM-21S
LVE-26P AU AV-287 EB 4174 (220 V) VFE-25P 2VA-361PN B-4089
LV-56X AU AV-17 E 4174 (240 V) VFE-25PN SD-970 LV-600IB
WI55 AV-17 4175 (240 V) VFE-25S SD-970P LV-600IN
WB55 AV-187-E 4184 (240 V) VFE-35S W-63 LV-600IX
GA-5105E AV-27 E 4185 (240 V) VFE-46S LV-932MS WB-65
LV-26IX-UK AV-27 EB 4194 (240 V) DPI 201 VF-08S BB-65
LVG-26IM AV-27 I/9 4195 (240 V) MLT-2 VD-080S SB-65
LVG-26I AV-27 I " LEAD " 1VA-141 VD-560SX 1VFE-25I
LVG-26PM AV-17 EB V-100 SAIVOD 1VA-141P GEC3700G01SB 1VFE-25IN
LVG-26P VA-17 NOGAM OF-8140 1VA-251P VF-65IT1X DW-002
LV-56IM VA-17EB NG-8145 NOGAM 1VA-361P VFE-65ITX 1VFU-75IT
LV-55 SS VA-27EB LPJ-26 1VA-361PN VFE-65IT1X VFU-05S
LV-56IX VA-27EM 1VFE-02S ZW-12 4 VFU-46S VFU-05SX
LV-561IM LVN-710 DW004 ZB-12 5 VFU-15 LDW2SS
LV-66IT VN-09 LVP-14 LV-142C VFU-07SX VE-031S
LV-703DS KV-1 LVI-25M LV-142CS VF-08E VE-031SLX
LV-56DE LVK-26P (KENT LVI-25 LV-2302F TBM-50 VE-041S
LV-26I LVE-91 LVC-65 LV-2332FS TBA-50 VE-051S
LV-360Y LVE-92E LVC-63M LV-532G TBA-50X VES-032S
LV-230FS LVE-95 E LVC-63 LV-532GS VFF-171 LV-7025D
LV-106E LVE-98E LVC-41 LV-732D VFF-271 TR60 ISX
LV-303RS LVE-92 I LV-26IM-UK LV-732DS VFF-371S VFF-022
LV-260 S LVE-92 IB LV-26I-UK LVD-35 G-181 VED-035S
LV-803SS LVE-98 I LVR-460S 951P DW-3612 LVD-42
LV-56E LVE-98 IB LV-3601AI VF-06S TDW-60 LVD-51
LV-14CS LVE-91S LV-3601A VF-07S TDW-50A 2VE-31SLX UK
LV-56I LVE-92I(UK) LV-360A VF-07E SD-971 LV-225R
LV-26P LVE-92IB (UK) LVR-16 VF-07SX SD-971P DW-4
LV-65IT LVE-91 N LV-431PS VF-65IT 1VEE-21IX DW-6
LV-460 S LVE-92 N LV-331RS VF-65VIT LDW1W LV-525G
LV-26IM LVD-11 LV-831SS G-18 1VFG-25I LV-1625I
LV-360AI LVD-21 LV-731DS BKD-631 1VF-03S DDW6FSS
SB-55 LVE-16 LV-531GS 1VE-25G 1VF-03SX W-64
LV-561E LVE-26P LV-2331FS VDA-21 1VF-05S VEID-21S
LV-831S LVE-26PM LV-141CS BLV-54/1 1VF-05E BDW-3W
LV-731D LVE-260 S LV-431P 1VE-61IT VDE-560PN BDW-3SS
LVE-360S LVE-460 S LV-331R ZBI-12 5 2VEE-11 BFD-61SS
LV-161P LVP-150 LV-631I LV-432PS 2VE-21P SDW-5162
LV-4601S LP-105 LV-141C LV-632IS 2VE-21S SDW-3162
VD-070S LP-206 LV-531G LV-832SS 2VE-31P SARENA SW200
DWI-340 LP - 206 M LV-2301F LV-332RS 2VE-31PN VE-031SX
LV-503GS LVP-15 LVE-16-UK LV-632I 2VE-31S VE-036G
2VA-141UK LVP-26 LV-66IT-UK LV-832S 2VE-31SLX LJ-0222S
VD-560S LVP-26 M LVU-161IX LV-432P 2VE-41E VM-13
VDA-560S GS-18 EDESA LVU-161IM LV-332R 2VE-41S LJ-0223S
LV-3010 LVW-7A LVU-161I VED-25P 2VE-21I DDW2-2FW
SD LVW-27A LVU-661IT VED-35S 2VE-21IN LFF-11/1
SD-970VIEJO LPJ-15 SD-960P VFS-14 2VE-31IX LFF-012/1
SD-970PVIEJO W W LPJ-26 GEC3600D01WW VFU-15I 2VE-51I LFF-013/1
S LPJ -26 M LV-661IT VFU-15IN 2VE-61IT LFF-013X/1
LV-2820 B LVW-7 LVE-161 VFU-65IT 1VF-25P 1VFG-03I
LV-96 LVW-7M LVE-2601S VFU-14S 1VF-25I 1VFG-03IN
LV-90 LVW-10 LVE-161S VFU-35X LVD-40 1VFG-03ILX
LV-850 LVW-10M LV-1061E VD-250S VFE-25SY LVD-43/1
LV-852 EB LVW-10IM VES-21P GEC3600F02WW 1VF-56IAL VFH-85IT
LV-856 EDE GA-5100 BFD-61SS/1 VFG-25P 1VF-02P LFI-600

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