Fagor washing machine door lock, Edesa, Aspes AS0015962

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Electric lock with delay for washing machine Fagor, Aspes, Edesa, Westinghouse, Brandt.

Delay or door block for closing washing appliances. This piece also acts as a switch, preventing the appliance from starting when the door is open. Sometimes when the washing machine does not work,.com because this replacement is sending a wrong signal to the device module.

Reference: AS0015962

WFK84 LFA-7312 PLAT-L1048S WFK1018E ZEN-L8210
WFK1230F LFB-710 CACH-L1048F WFK1248E ZEN-L8110
F-1812 LFB-712 WFT8142I WFK1448E ZEN-L8212
1ML-282 WF-127 WFT8110I WFK1217F SPORT-L8212C
FF-8012 ALF1107 WFT8121XI WFK1417F URBAN-L8210
L-6223CE ALF1107X WFT8120D WFK1018A PLAT-L8210S
F-2810LX ALF1127 WFT8141D WFK1317F VLF8247B
WFA-8124 FE-1710 THC1488A WFK1018F VLF9247B
F-8012 FG-2812 VLF8127B WFK1248A VLF85LS
FM8100 FG-2814 VLF8147B WFK1218E VLF8227B
FCH2812X FG-2712 VLF9127B WFK1418E OWM812S
FCH2810 FG-2714 VLF9147B WFK1318F OWM812E
F-28101 FE-2712 VLF8126 WFK1118F DFW1084WA
F-2810X-1 FE-2712X VLF8146 WFK1018Q DFW1084CH
F-2812-1 ROMAN-L1018 VLF812B WFK1216P WFK1028S
F-2808 ROMAN-L1248 VLF802B LA-6.5ME WFK1428F
F-2812X DREAMG-710 VLF804B ASTRA-L9K14 BCH2810
F-2814 SPRING-710 OWM812 ASTRA-L8K12 WFK9210E
F-2810 ROMAN-L1247 PFD-1084 F-7200 BWF9212E
F-2810X DELUXE-L1248 SGXX7108 FE-810 BWF8110E
F-2812 HOLLY-810 MWF1-2810 FE-812 HOME-L8110
F-1810 URBAN-L1248 MWF1-2812 FE-712A HOME-L8210
F-1710 ZEN-L1248 8KM1000 VLF9210 HOME-L8212
F-1710X ZEN-L1048 8KM1200 VLF9220 WFK1228F
F-2712 ZEN-L1018 CI240WH 1F-1810A HOME-LS8214
F-2712X L-1048 WFK1248ES 1FG-2814 URBAN-L8212
F-2714 L-1248 WFK1458FE 1FG-2914 VLF9240
1F-1810 ROMAN-L1048 WFK1458XE WFK1429F 9KM1200
L-7812S SPORT-L1248 WFK1218F F-810 SGF128103
L-5810P SPORT-L1248C WFK1135EF FWM91400 BWF8214E
L-5712XP METAL-L1048 WFK1418F FE-2912 BWF9214E
LFA-7110 ROMAN-L1017 WFF8281N F-812 BWF9212LX
LFA-7112 METAL-L1017 BCH2812X FE-8010 BWF8212LX
LFA-7310 METAL-L1248 WFF8481N FG-2914

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