Fagor washing machine closing handle LA8B000A9

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Closure for washing machines Fagor, Edesa, Westinghouse, Aspes.

This closure is sold complete. It is easily placed on the door of the appliance.

Several models.

Reference: LA8B000A9, LA8B002A5

1L-104I F-84P KE-453 LAF-14 LN-410 NCW-905
1L-104IT F-84PM L-104 LAF-142 LN-420 PF-1000
1L-104S F-85 L-1041I LAF-24 LN-530 PF-400
1LP-104S F-948P L-1041S LAF-242 LP-1000 PF-500
1LP-53 F-948PM L-110 LAF-352 LP-104 PF-800
1LP-53N FA-524 L-1100 LAF-38 LP-1041S PULSAR
1LP-84 FA-5242 L-1100/S LAF-382 LP-104M RA-500
1LP-84N FA-534 L-114S LAF-410 LP-110 RLH-551
A-4021 FA-5342 L-1420B LAF-4102 LP-1100 RWH-5109TWW
A-52 FE-1047 L-143-P LAF-45 LP-114S RWH-5209
A-534 FE-105 L-1541 LB-110P LP-43 RWH-6109TWW
A-82 FE-1054 L-204 LB-60P LP-453 RWH-6209
AD-534 FE-1347 L-24 LB-60PM LP-53 SAW-500
AUTOMATIC-14 FE-41 L-304 LB-70P LP-531 SLA-420
AUTOMATIC-24 FE-414 L-305R LB-70PM LP-531M SLA-550
AVANTG FE-4141 L-308R LB-85I LP-53M TH-451
AXANE FE-414B L-40 LB-85P LP-60 TH-4514
BKW-540 FE-417 L-405 LB-85PM LP-600 TH-551
BKW-905 FE-42 L-412 LBF-400 LP-600/S TH-5514
BWD-1000 FE-424 L-42 LBF-450 LP-60M TH-851
CT-4517 FE-42G L-420 LBF-550 LP-63 TH-8514
CT-5517 FE-43 L-43 LBF-850 LP-63M IN
CT-8517 FE-534 L-432 LBP-38 LP-84 W0801W
CURO-4101D FE-534S L-450 LC-2000 LP-841 W1002
CURO-4103D FE-537 L-450/S LC-421 LP-841M W1003
E-650L FE-54 L-452 LC-421-220 LP-84M WA-1000
E-651L FE-624 L-452/S LC-425 LP-85 WA-1100
EFF FE-6241 L-453 LC-450 LP-850 WA-400
EFF-831 FE-6341 L-4530 LC-451 LP-850/S WA-406
EH-522 FE-82 L-508 LC-452 LP-85M WA-410
EH-832 FE-824 L-534 LC-541 LS-40 WA-6100
EHP-40 FE-83 L-60 LC-981 LS-41 WA-6100T
EHP-50 FE-834 L-600 LD-1042 LS-410P WA-6101
F FE-8341 L-600/S LD-1042V LSF-550 WA-6102
F-1 FE-837 L-605I LD-1051 LT-1204 WA-6111
F-100 FE-844 L-608I LD-411 LT-124 WA-6112
F-1046IT FE-844IM L-705D LD-412 LT-1304 WA-6113
F-105 FE-85 L-708D LD-420 LT-1405 WA-7304
F-1054 FE-S-1046 L-8052 LD-421 LT-1508 WA-7310
F-1056 FE-S-1048 L-8054 LD-430 LT-304 WA-7313
F-1056I FES-1146 L-805S LD-521 LT-508 WA-800
F-1056IM FES-1146S L-808S LD-522 LTP-1405 WA-8300
F-1056P FESOR L-84I LD-832 LTP-1405M WA-8301
F-1056PM FE-ST-105 L-84IM LD-841 LTP-1508 WA-855
F-1058DP FESTIVAL L-85 LD-842V LU-40 WB-100
F-1148I FG-350 L-850 LE-4111D LU-42 WB-40
F-1148IM FG-3508 L-8500 LE-840P LU-83 WB-60
F-1148IT FG-356 LA-14 LF-142B ONION1 WE-70
F-115 FG-358 LA-14** LF-42B LUKE2 WE-90
F-1158DOMOP FG-382 LA-24 LF-540 LUK-3 WMP
F-1158P FG-384 LA-34 LFC1050TNVD/W LUK-4 WV-10S
F-115P FG-388 LA-38 LFC-2000 LV-204 WV-4S
F-154 FG-480 LA-4020 LFC-430 LV-24 WV-8S
F-2(WESTPOINT F-H-1336P LA-4021 LFC-540 LV-304 WWH4109TW
F-2100P FR-400 LA-4030 LFC-850 LV-400 WWH-5106TWW
F-2200P FR-600 LA4030TWFR LFC850TDFR LV-405 WWH-5108TWW
F-254 FR-800 LA-4031 LFC850TNDW LV-500 WWH5109CVWW
F-354 F-S-1046 LA-410 LFC850TNDWFR LV-508 WWH5109T
F-41 F-S-1046P LA-4101ST LG-400 LV-53 WWH5209TWW
F-414 F-S-1048 LA-4111S LG-420 LVE-42 WWH-5209WWW
F-42 F-S-1048P LA-45 LG-830 LVF-42 WWH5309WWW
F-420 FS-1146 LA-5040 LH-40TW LVF-54 WWH-6104VWW
F-424 FS-1146P LA-5041 LH-40W LVF-85 WWH-6106TWW
F-43 F-ST-105 LA-58 LH-50TW LVM-42 WWH-6108TWW
F-436P GS-25 LAC-4030 LH-80TW LVM-54 WWH6109CVWW
F-536P GS-35 LAC-4030TP LI-85 LVP-405 WWH6109T
F-538P HL-6100 LAC-4031TP LK-4 LVP-508 WWH6209TWW
F-538PM HL-6101 LAC-5040TP LK-42 LVP-508M WWH-6209WWW
F-54 HL-6102 LAC5040TPW LK-4-S LW-1048D WWH6309WWW
F-634 ILV-42 LAC-5041TP LL-40 LW-104ST WWH-7106TWW
F-636P ILV-54 LAC-8050 LL-401 LW-110 WWH7109CVWW
F-636PM ILV-85 LAC8050TFR LL-80V LW-114ST WWH7109T
F-84 K-555 LAC-8050TW LM-1000 LW-410ST WWH7209TWW
F-844 K-888 LAC8050TWF LN-1 LW-411ST
F-846P CALORIC-4050 LAC-8051TP LN-2 N-4021
F-846PM CALORIC-4070 LAF-14 LN-2040 N-4031
F-84I KE-450 LAF-14(IAR) LN-2040-220 NCW-540


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