Electronic board brush Air Force Extreme Rowenta 24V RS-RH5313

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Electronic board for broom Rowenta Air Force Extreme 24V. Original repair part. Make sure before purchasing that this is really the module that your vacuum cleaner needs.

Referencia: RS-RH5313

RH8770WU/2D1 RH877501/HM0
RH8770WU/2D2 RH877583/HM0
RH877101/2D1 RH8775WP/2D2
RH877101/8M0 RH8775WS/9A0
RH877101/9A0 RH8776WP/2D1
RH877101/9A2 RH8776WP/2D2
RH877101/HM0 RH8777WP/2D1
RH877183/HM0 RH8777WP/2D2
RH8771WS/9A0 RH8778WO/2D2
RH8773WU/2D2 RH877901/2D1
RH877501/2D1 RH877901/8M0
RH877501/8M0 RH877901/HM0

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