Fagor, Brandt, Mabe washing machine electronic module AS0014539

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Electronic module for washing machine Fagor, Brandt, Mabe. The circuit is sold complete and is the spare part responsible for regulating all the functions of the appliance.

* The electronic modules are susceptible to breakage due to other components of the appliance, so their replacement requires technical knowledge and returns are not accepted.

Reference: AS0014539

Previous reference: AS0015205

Although your model appears among the compatible ones depending on the year of manufacture of the appliance, it may use a different card, contact us if you have questions.

1ML-282 F-2812X
BCH2810 FCH2812X
BCH2812X FE-2712
F-2712 FE-2712X
F-2712X FG-2712
F-2808 FG-2812
F-2810 L-5712XP
F-28101 L-5810P
F-2810LX L-7812S
F-2810X MWF1-2810
F-2810X-1 MWF1-2812
F-2812 WFA-8124

Returns of electronic modules are not accepted.

The electronic modules are new and quality controls guarantee their proper functioning when they leave the factory, but incorrect installation or connection can cause irreversible damage.
The user is responsible for correct instillation and returns will not be accepted under any circumstances.

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