Krups Claris F08801 filtered coffee machine cartridge

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Filtered cartridge for coffee maker Krups. Replacement accessory for coffee maker. This cartridge removes impurities from the water and prevents internal breakdowns.

Attention, water filters are consumables that once opened cannot be returned.

Reference: F08801

EA891110 Evidence Ea89
EA873810 Intuition Preference
XP402010 Espresso
XP400010 Espresso
EA870810 Intuition Essential
XP522010 Espresso
XP524010 Espresso
EA819E10 Arabica Milk
EA844810 Espresso Master
EA81R870 Essential
EA817810 Arabica Display
EA81P070 Pisa
EA891810 Evidence
EA811010 Arabica
EA811810 Arabica
EA81M870 Rome + Milk Jug
EA850B10 Espresso Master
EA81M810 Essential + Milk Jug
EA832110 Espresso Automatic Falcon 3
EA8320PN Krups Espresso Master Ea830
EA8220FR Automatic Espresseria Express
EA810870 Essential
EA815070 Milan
EA8000E1 Automatic Espresseria Express
EA810770 Essential Automatic Espresso
EA8260FR Automatic Espresseria Express
EA816570 Pisa
EA810570 Rome
EA8080E1 Automatic Espresseria Express
EA8000PN Automatic Espresseria Express
EA8010E1 Automatic Espresseria Express
EA8000PN Automatic Espresseria Express
EA82FB10 Quattro Force expression
EA82F010 Quattro Force expression
EA8255PN Espresseria Automatic Premium
EA829810 Expression
EA82FD10 Quattro Force expression

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