Braun Combi Pack 52S Serie 5 81384830

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Braun Combipack 52S Series 5 GRAY. Shaver blade. Original replacement part for personal care appliance.

Replacement part for the correct operation of your appliance. Sometimes this piece wears out due to daily use, it is best to renew it so that the shaver works correctly again. The manufacturer recommends changing it at least every two years.

Code: 81631167

Previous code: 81384830

Model for 5 Series and NEW 5 Series.

  • 5 Series, FlexMotionTec: 5020s, 5030s, 5050cc, 5070cc, 5090cc
  • 5 Series, FlexMotionTec wet&dry 5040s
  • 5 Series, 5030s
  • 5 Series, 5040s, 5050cc, 5090cc, 5140s, 5145s, 5147s, 5160s, 5190cc, 5195cc, 5197cc

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