Braun 10B - 20B Freecontrol Shaver Blade Head 81387932

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Braun Combi Pack 10B, 20B Freecontrol 1000/2000 Series. Braun shaver blade and foil assembly.

When you suffer scratches during your shave, or it takes longer and longer to get a good shave, it is advisable to change the set of blades.

Code: 81387932

  • Series 1, FreeControl
    170, 170s-1, 1715,180, 1735,180 (for RU only),190, 190s-1, 1775
  • Multigroomer, CruZer4, CruZer6 Face
    MG5090, Z60, 2838,
  • Old Spice Multigroomer, CruZer2, CruZer3, CruZer4 Face, CruZer5 Face
    MG5050, Z40, Z50, 2778, 2878

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