Conjunto filtros Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic ZR005901

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Vacuum cleaner filter kit Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic. Filtro HEPA y filtro foam.

Filters in bagless vacuum cleaners improve home air quality and cleanliness.

The manufacturer recommends replacing the filters when the device loses suction power or when dirt cannot be removed with normal cleaning.

Reference: ZR005901

RO3786EA/4Q0 RO3733EA/4Q0
RO3753EA/4Q0 RO3745EA/4Q0
RO3799EA/4Q0 RO3760EA/4Q0
RO3759EA/400 RO3761EA/4Q0
RO3715EA/4Q0 RO3785EA/4Q0
RO3729EA/4Q0 MO3711PA/4Q0
RO3796EA/4Q0 MO3713PA/4Q0
RPP3721EA/4Q0 MO3736PA/4Q0
RO3766EA/4Q0 MO3745PA/4Q0
RO3784EA/4Q0 MO3760PA/4Q0

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