Philips replacement blades for HQ56 shaver

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Shaver blade assembly replacement Philips HQ56. Original accessory for shaver. The blades can break, but they also wear out with "normal" use after two years. If you notice that your shave is taking longer and longer, or that your skin is becoming irritated,.com It's time to change your shaver blades.

References: HQ56, HQ5650, 422203618431

Philips Series 5800, 6900, 6600 and 6400 shaver.

HP1318 HQ444 HQ5846 HQ6996/16
HP1319 HQ4441 HQ5848 HQ7405
HP1323 HQ4445 HQ5849 HQ7415
HP1327 HQ460 HQ5850 HQ7416
HP1328 HQ4601 HQ5851 HQ7616
HP1335 HQ4625 HQ5853 HQ765
HP1336 HQ4630 HQ5854 HQ7815
HP1337 HQ468 HQ5856 HQ7830
HP1338 HQ4800 HQ5858 HQ7850
HP1339 HQ4805 HQ5860 HS190
HP1601 HQ4806 HQ5861 HS255
HP1602 HQ4807 HQ5865 HS260
HP1604 HQ481 HQ5866 HS360
HP1605 HQ4810 HQ5870 HS375
HP1606 HQ4816 HQ5885 HS465
HP1607 HQ4819 HQ5886 HS470
HP1608 HQ482 HQ5890 HS475
HP1700 HQ4825 HQ5S HS480
HP1915R HQ4826 HQ6 HS482
HQ040 HQ483 HQ640 HS485
HQ2425 HQ4830 HQ6405 HS540
HQ3 HQ484 HQ6415 HS702
HQ30 HQ4845 HQ6423 HS703
HQ300 HQ4846 HQ6425 HS704
HQ302 HQ4847 HQ6426 HS705
HQ304 HQ485 HQ6445 HS706
HQ32 HQ4850 HQ6465 HS708
HQ320 HQ4856 HQ6466 HS715
HQ322 HQ486 HQ6605 HS715A
HQ340 HQ4865 HQ6613 HS755
HQ3405 HQ4866 HQ6640 HS765
HQ341 HQ487 HQ6645 HS766
HQ342 HQ4870 HQ6646 HS775
HQ3425 HQ4885 HQ6675 HS800
HQ3445 HQ489 HQ6676 HS802
HQ3605 HQ4890 HQ6695 HS805
HQ3610 HQ4S HQ6696 HS820
HQ380 HQ5 HQ6830 HS825
HQ3810 HQ540 HQ6832 HS830
HQ382 HQ5401 HQ6842 HS840
HQ3830 HQ5413 HQ6843 HS850
HQ384 HQ5421 HQ6848 HS860
HQ3845 HQ5425 HQ6849 HS875
HQ3850 HQ5426 HQ6850 HS885
HQ386 HQ5430 HQ6851 HS889
HQ3860 HQ5461 HQ6853 HS890
HQ3865 HQ5465 HQ6854 HS895
HQ3870 HQ55 HQ6857 HS896
HQ3S HQ551 HQ6859 HS900
HQ4 HQ5540 HQ6863 HS905
HQ40 HQ56 HQ6868 HS915
HQ402 HQ5625X HQ6870 HS920
HQ404 HQ5650 HQ6874 HS925
HQ406 HQ5699 HQ6879 HS930
HQ41 HQ56S HQ6890 HS945
HQ42 HQ5800 HQ6893 HS950
HQ420 HQ5801 HQ6894 HS955
HQ422 HQ5806 HQ6906/16 HS965
HQ440 HQ5812 HQ6920 HS969
HQ4401 HQ5813 HQ692516 HS970
HQ4405 HQ5815 HQ6926/16 HS975
HQ4407 HQ5816 HQ6927/16 HS980
HQ441 HQ5818 HQ6940 HS985
HQ4411 HQ5819 HQ6941 HS990
HQ4414 HQ5825 HQ6946/16 MICROACTION
HQ442 HQ5826 HQ6970 PHI1024
HQ4421 HQ5830 HQ6976/16 PHI1026

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