Water tank coffee maker Bosch Tassimo TAS6... 00646715

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coffee maker tank Bosch Tassimo TAS65... and TAS85. This tank is designed to fit a Brita Maxtra water purifier filter. In this way, the water enters the device without impurities and with a lower amount of lime.

Reference: 00646715

TAS6515 TAS6515ES1 TAS6517CH TAS8520
TAS6515CH TAS6515FR1 TAS6517DE1 TAS8520DE1
TAS6515CH1 TAS6515FR2 TAS6517FR1 TAS8520FR1
TAS6515DE1 TAS6515GB TAS6517FR2 TAS8520FR2
TAS6515EE TAS6517 TAS65D15 TAS8520GB

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