Fagor oven control dial, Edesa C20K000A1

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Oven control selection cam:

  • Fagor
  • Edessa
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This piece is used to know the position that is selected when moving the device's control. This selector is used to choose the oven temperature. It is numbered from 0 to 250 degrees, which indicates the temperature at which the thermostat will cut off.

Reference: C20K000A1

2HAF-41W 2H-115 HI-214 W
2HF-14 EB 2H-175 HI-224 W
2HF-11 EB 2HC-105 HI-226 W
2HF-13CB 2HC-115 3HAK-16W
2HS-413 B 2HC-120 3HAK-46W
2HS-411 B 2HC-140 2HF-113 B AND
2HI-125 B 2HC-145 3H-135 B
2H-426 B 2HC-175 3H-435 B
2H-425 B 2HS-150 O8ECRP B
2H-432 B 2HCS-135 O5ER B
2H-412 B 2HC-115 P O5M B
2H-114D B 2H-114 DOMO OP5ER B
2H-413 B 2H-414 DOMO OP5M B
2H-414 B 1H-114D B OP8ECRP B
2H-126 B 1H-414D B 3HAF-43W
2H-125 B 2HCS-150 2H-130
2H-114B 1KTS 11 B 2H-150
2H-111 B 1KTS 14 B 2HF-115CB
2H-113 B 1KTS 16 B 2HC-120ID B
2H-112 B 1KTP 41 B 2HS-114 B
2H-140 1KTP 44 B 2H-170
2H-120 1KTP 46 B HF-113B
2H-105 E-516 W HF-115B
2H-145 2HCD-140 HF-135B
2H-132 B 2HCG-120 P 2HC-130
2H-411 B 2HCU-120 P 2HC-150
2HAK-43W 3H-125B 2HC-120 D
2HAF-43W 3H-425 B 4HK-46 W
TO 91 W/1 3HAK-43W 2HV-114 B
2HC-120 P 3HF-14 EB HSC-120 P B

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