Fagor, Edesa oven control dial 5 positions C20K013A1

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Oven control selection cam:

  • Fagor
  • Edessa
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This piece is used to know the position that is selected when moving the device's control. This selector is used to choose the oven position. It has 5 positions (4 and zero). Replacement part for kitchen appliance.



  • Outer diameter: 53cm
  • Diametro interior: 35mm

Reference: C20K013A1

Previous reference: C20K001A9, C20K013B7

2HAF-41W 2H-115
2HF-11 EB 2HC-105
2HF-13CB 2HC-115
2HS-413 B 2HC-120
2HS-411 B 2HCS-135
EI2-4G IB BUT 2HC-115 P
2H-432 B 1KTS 11 B
2H-412 B 1KTP 41 B
2H-413 B 2HCG-120 P
2H-111 B 2HCU-120 P
2H-113 B 2HF-113 B AND
2H-112 B 2H-130
2H-120 2HC-120ID B
2H-105 HF-113B
2H-132 B 2HC-130
2H-411 B 2HC-120 D
2HC-120 P HSC-120 P B
2H-111N 2H-113 I 2H-120N 2HC-120ID LX
2H-111 IX 2H-413 I 2H-120 LX 2H-130N
2H-112N 2H-113 X 2HC-105 N 2HC-130 N
2H-113N 2H-413 X 2HC-115 N 2HC-120 DN
2H-113 IX 2HF-11 EN 2HC-115 LX 2HC-120 DLX
2H-132N 2HF-13 CN 2HC-120 N 2HCG-120 PN
2H-411N 2HF-14 EN 2HC-120 LX 2HCG-120 PLX
2H-411 IX 2HAF-41B 2HCS-135 N 2HCU-120 PN
2H-412N 2HAF-41E 2HCS-135 LX 2HCU-120 PLX
2H-413N 2HAF-41 IX 2HC-115 PN HSC-120 PN
2H-413 IX HF-113N 2HC-115 PLX HSC-120 PLX
2H-432N HF-113X 2HC-120 PN 2HC-120 PX
2HS-411 N HE-100 X 2HC-120 PLX 1KTS 11 N
2HS-411 IX 2H-105N 2H-130 I 1KTP 41 N
2HS-413 N 2H-115N 2HC-130 I O4M X
2HS-413 IX 2H-115 LX 2HC-120ID N OP4M X

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