2-way solenoid valve for washing machine Bosch, Siemens, Balay 00428210

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Replacement of the solenoid valve for washing machine Balay, Bosch, Siemens.

Repair part that consists of 2 ways for water circulation.

* Valid for many models, if you have any questions, consult our customer service staff.

Reference: 00428210, 00171261

WAA22170FF WAE24161FF WAE24470FF WAE28465FF WFL2462FR
WAA24160BY WAE24162FF WAE24471FF WAE32420FF WFO1660FE
WAA24170FF WAE24163FF23 WAE24472FF WAN28220FF WFO1860
WAA24171FF WAE24165FF WAE244A0FF WFD2460NL WFO2060FE
WAA24171GB WAE24260FF WAE28160FF WFH1660FF WFO2060FF
WAA28260FF WAE24260GB WAE28161FF WFH2060FF WFO2061FF
WAB24060GB WAE24261FF WAE28162FF WFH2062FF WFO2062FF
WAB24210FF WAE24262FF WAE28210FF WFH2460FF WFO2062FR
WAB28210FF WAE24263FF WAE28217FF WFH2461FF WFO2460FF
WAB28211FF WAE2426XFF WAE28260FF WFL1000II WFO2460FR
WAE20160FF WAE24270FF WAE28261FF WFL1000IT WFO2461
WAE20161FF WAE24271FF WAE2826XFF WFL1600FF WFO2461FF
WAE20162FF WAE24272FF WAE28320FF WFL1600FR WFO2461FR
WAE20163FF WAE24361FF WAE28361FF WFL1860FF WFO2462FF
WAE20360FF WAE24362FF WAE28362FF WFL1860FR WFO2462FR
UNIT20360OE WAE24363FF WAE28364FF WFL2060FR WFO2862FF
WAE20460FF WAE24460AU WAE28460FF WFL2062FF WFR2460FF
WAE24060FF WAE24460FF WAE28461FF WFL2062FR WFX2460FR
WAE24062FF WAE24460PL WAE28463FF WFL2460FF WFX3260FF
WAE24160FF WAE24462FF WAE28464FF WFL2462FF

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