Polti Super Pro and Luxe solenoid valve M0002247

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Replacement valve for ironing center Skin. Complete solenoid valve (coil and valve) for Polti Super Pro, Super Pro Luxe and Presto boiler iron.

Reference: M0002247


Vaporella Super Pro, Luxe, Presto.

PLEU0067 Vaporella 2500 R
PLEU0004 Vaporella Inox 3000 R White
PLEU0006 Vaporella Inox 4000 R
PLEU0008 Vaporella Pro 4100 R
PTEU0084 Vaporetto 1030 No Volt
PTEU0002 Vaporetto 1030
PTEU0086 Vaporetto 1500 Kit No Volt
PTEU0134 Vaporetto 1500 Kit Pro No-Volt
PTEU0085 Vaporetto 1500 No Volt
PTEU0091 Vaporetto 2400 No Volt Approx
PTEU0097 Vaporetto 2800
PTEU0180 Vaporetto Ecological
PTEU0042 Vaporetto Ecological System 2200r
PTEU0087 Vaporetto Plus Kit No Volt
PTEU0061 Vaporetto Plus No Volt
PLE00020 Vaporella 4500 R
PLEU0102 Vaporella Athena
PLE00051 Vaporella Forever
FI000134 Vaporella Inox 3000 R
PLE00078 Practical Steamer
PLE00097 Practical Basic Vaporella
PLEU0100 Vaporella Presto
PLE00060 Vaporella Pro 3100 Ft
PLEU0108 Vaporella Special
FI000081 Vaporella Super Pro
PLE00059 Vaporella Super Pro Excel
PLE00049 Vaporella Super Pro Inox
PLE00040 Vaporella Super Pro Lux
PTEU0053 Vaporetto 1030 R No Volt
PTEU0213 Vaporetto 1500 New Kit
PTEU0088 Vaporetto 2400 No Volt .0"
PTEU0157 Vaporetto Leader
PTEU0212 Vt 1500 New

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