Clutch for Bosch mixer, Ufesa 00167717

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Clutch replacement for mixer Bosch, Ufesa. This is the bushing that is placed on the motor part of the device and that transmits the movement to the foot and blade of the mixer.

Reference: 00167717

BL4544/01 BP4540/02 MPG4502N/01
BL4544/02 BP4540/03 MPG4503N/01
BP4514/02 BP4541/03 MQ35001/01
BP4515/02 BP4542/02 MQ35003/01
BP4515CC/02 BP4542/03 MQ35004/01
BP4530/02 BP4543/03 MQ35004GB/01
BP4530/03 BP4543/04 MSM4101/01
BP4532/02 BP4544/02 MSM4102/01
BP4534/02 BP4544/03 MSM5007/01
BP4536/02 MPG4500N/01

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