Motor brushes for washing machine Bosch, Siemens, Balay 00151613

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Washing machine brush assembly Bosch, Siemens, Balay, Lynx, Crolls, Profile, Constructed. The brushes are part of the motor and help it rotate. This part can suffer normal wear from continued use of the device, and can also wear quickly and excessively due to problems in the motor armature, although this case is not so common.

With brush holder.

Reference: 00151613

Previous references: 00154069 00625081 00154070

3TE806BM CV50800FG WFB1602GB WFB3240II WM21020EU
3TE826A CV50800IL WFB1602SN WFB4000 WM21020SN
3TE827A CV50810 WFB1604BY WFB400000 WM21040PL
3TE827BM CV50900 WFB1604IE WFB4000AU WM21050BY
3TE8294 CV50900IL WFB1604PL WFB4000BY WM21050DD
3TE8295 CV50910 WFB1605AU WFB4000EE WM21050FF
3TE834A CV51000 WFB1605BY WFB4000EU WM21050GB
3TE834BM CV51000FG WFB1605DD WFB4000FF WM21050GR
3TE835BM CV51000IL WFB1605EE WFB4000GB WM21050IG
3TE836A CV51010 WFB1605FF WFB4000PL WM21050NL
3TE837A CV51030 WFB1605GB WFB4000SK WM21050RK
3TE8437 CV51200 WFB1605GR WFB4000SN WM21050SN
3TE889Z CV51200FG WFB1605IG WFB4001AU WM21051IN
3TE891Z CV51230 WFB1605IL WFB4001GB WM21054HK
3TE899Z CV61000 WFB1605NL WFB4002GB WM21054IN
3TI828A CV61000FG WFB1605SG WFB4040EE WM21054SG
3TI829A CV61010 WFB1605SN WFB4800EU WM21054TH
3TI829BM CV61210 WFB1605TH WFB4800GB WM21250GB
3TS8220 GC8917902 WFB1606SG WFB4800SN WM21250SN
3TS8222 LT818R WFB1614PL WFBPI03GR WM22000GB
3TS8223 LT819R WFB1640EU WFBUPO1SK WM23000
3TS8225 LT820R WFB1670BY WFBUPO2SK WM23000GB
3TS823A MAXI1000 WFB1805FF WFD1661ME WM23000SK
3TS8247 P1WTA2801A WFB2000 WFD2061ME WM23010GR
3TS824A RT9821R WFB200000 WFD2090EU WM23200BY
3TS825A RT9822R WFB2000BY WFT2000BY WM23200EE
3TS832A RT9823R WFB2000CH WK1000-2 WM23200FF
3TS833A RT9829R WFB2000SK WLF16164OE WM23200HK
3TS834A T8700 WFB2002EU WLF16165CE WM23200SA
3TS835A TW725A WFB2002GB WLF16180OE WM23200SN
3TS852A V4200X0GB WFB2002NL WLF16181CE WM23201HK
3TS8800 WD21000BY WFB2002SN WLF20164OE WM23203SG
3TS880W WD30901HK WFB2004FG WLF20165OE WM23203TH
3TS883Y WD31000BY WFB2004GB WLF20180OE WM24000BY
3TS884Y WD31000DD WFB2004NL WM20650IE WM24000EE
3TS885V WD31000FF WFB2004PL WM20651II WM24000EU
3TS888Z WD31000GB WFB2005AU WM20820BY WM24000FF
3TS893Y WD31000HK WFB2005BY WM20820EU WM24000GB
3TS895A WD31000NL WFB2005CH WM20820FF WM24000IN
3TS898Z WD31000RK WFB2005DD WM20820GB WM24000SN
3TW850A WD31000SN WFB2005FF WM20820SN WM24800EU
3TW850B WD31001HK WFB2005GB WM20840BY WM24800SN
3TW850BM WD31001IN WFB2005IG WM20840PL WM24840EE
3TW850CM WD31001RK WFB2005NL WM20845HK WS08X060HK
3TW85A WD31001SG WFB2005PL WM20850BY WS09X260HK
4TE748A WD31200BY WFB2005RK WM20850DD WS10F260HK
4TE748B WD31200EU WFB2005SG WM20850FF WVF2000BY
4TS718A WD31200FF WFB2005SN WM20850GB WVF2000EU
4TS718B WD31201BY WFB2010GR WM20850GR WVF2000GB
4TS720A WD31201EU WFB2040EU WM20850HK WVF2000IG
4TS720B WD31201FF WFB2070BY WM20850IG WVF2000NL
4TS758W WD31201GB WFB2405GB WM20850II WVF2000RK
4TW725A WD31202EU WFB2405SN WM20850NL WVF2000SN
5TE610B WD31202GB WFB3000GB WM20850SN WVF2400EE
5TE611C WD33601HK WFB3200AU WM20851BY WVF2400EU
5TS3021 WD34000HK WFB3200BY WM20854HK WVF2400GB
5TS315B WD34000IN WFB3200EE WM20854SG WVF2400SN
5TS410C WD34000RK WFB3200FF WM20854TH WVF2401EE
5TS610B WD34008HK WFB3200PL WM20856SG WVF2401EU
5TS611C WD34808HK WFB3200SG WM20856TH WVF2401GB
5TW412B WD3IG01BY WFB3200SN WM20950FF WVF2401SN
5TW414C WD3IG01IE WFB3200TH WM20950IG WVF2402AU
6TW988A WFB1205IE WFB3201AU WM21000 WVF2402EE
CV12000 WFB1205PL WFB3201SG WM21000BY WVF2402EU
CV13000 WFB1207II WFB3201TH WM21000CH WVF2402GB
CV14000 WFB1602BY WFB3207BY WM21000GB WVF2402SN
CV50800 WFB1602EU WFB3240EE WM21000SK WVF240SGB


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