Filters Polti vacuum cleaner AS800 TPAS0011

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Filter kit for AS800 vacuum cleaner Skin.

These filters are responsible for retaining the coarsest dirt. It is advisable to replace them to avoid breakdowns in the appliances.

Reference TPAS0011

  • PBEU0010 Lecological vacuum cleaner as 800
  • PBEU0025 Lecologic compact as801 vacuum cleaner
  • PBEU0030 Lecologic compact turbo vacuum cleaner
  • PBEU0032 Lecologic compact as803 vacuum cleaner
  • PBEU0035 Lecological vacuum cleaner as 801 gray
  • PBEU0036 Special parquet lecological vacuum cleaner
  • PBEU0040 Lecologic vacuum cleaner as800 special allergy
  • PBEU0043 Lecological vacuum cleaner as 802

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