Filtro espuma Rowenta Power Cyclonic RS-RT900574

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Foam filter for vacuum cleaner Rowenta. Power Cyclonic models. Dust tank filter. The filter retains dirt inside the vacuum cleaner tank.

Reference: RS-RT900574

Compact Power Cyclonic
Compact Power Cyclonic Classic Negro Y Azul
Compact Power Cyclonic Classic Negro Y Naranja
Compact Power Cyclonic Orange and Black
Compact Power Cyclonic Rojo Y Negro
Compact Power Cyclonic Mink and Black

MO3718PA/4Q0 RO3786EA/4Q0
MO3723PA/4Q0 RO3796EA
MO3751PA/4Q0 RO3796EA/4Q0
MO3759PA/4Q0 RO3798EA
MO3774PA/4Q0 RO3798EA/4Q0
MO3786PA/4Q0 RO3799EA/4Q0
RO3715EA/4Q0 RP3721EA/4Q0
RO3718EA SG3751WA/4Q0
RO3718EA/4Q0 TW3711KA/4Q0
RO3724EA TW3723GA/JS0
RO3724EA/4Q0 TW3724HA/4Q0
RO3729EA/4Q0 TW3724RA/4Q0
RO3731 TW3731HA/4Q0
RO3731EA TW3731RA/4Q0
RO3731EA/4Q0 TW3753EA/4Q0
RO3745EA TW3759EA/4Q0
RO3753EA TW3778GA/4Q0
RO3753EA/4Q0 TW3786HA/4Q0
RO3759EA TW3786RA/4Q0
RO3759EA/4Q0 TW3796EA/4Q0
RO3766EA/4Q0 TW3798EA/4Q0
RO3784EA/4Q0 VO3753NA/4Q0

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