Whirlpool Antibacterial Fridge Filter 481248048172

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Whirlpool refrigerator antibacterial filter replacement.

This replacement filter recycles 100% of the air, helping to reduce the bacterial load and avoiding bad odors.

Reference: 481248048172

20 SI L4 20TB L4 ARC 7550/IX FRSB36AF20/3
20BI L4 20TM L4 ARC 7593 FRSS2VAF20/0
20RB D3 25RI D4 ARC 7612 FRSS36AF20/2
20RB D4 ARC 4110 ARC 8140/1/IX FRSS36AF25/3
20RI D3 ARC 4178/IX ARC 8140/IX FRUU2VAF20/0
20RI D4 ARC 4324 FFII36AF20/3 FRUU36AF20/2
20RI D4 Espresso ARC 7453 FRBB2VAF20/0 FRWW2VAF20/0
20RU D3 ARC 7472 FRBB36AF20/2 FRWW2VAF20/2
20RU D4 ARC 7517 FRSB36AF20/2 FTSB36AF20/3
20RW D3

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