Electrolux AEG vacuum cleaner Hepa filter 9001959494

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Hepa air outlet filter for vacuum cleaner Electrolux, TIME . The quality of the air in the home depends on the correct cleaning of this part, its replacement and maintenance. The filter separates dust particles and prevents engine damage.

When the vacuum quality is worse, or the device stops vacuuming, it is likely due to this replacement.

Reference: 9001959494, 9001966051, 2191152525

900083766 9000837650 ATI7655 9000837660
AT17657 ATI7630 9000837380 SL241G
900083766 9000837420 ATI7656 TF7625ZS203
ATF7625 ATI7650 9000837390 ZS203FS
ATI7610 9000837370 ATI7657 ZS204

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