Balay, Bosch, Lynx 00652184 dryer lint filter

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Dryer lint filter Balay Bosch Lynx. Several models. If you have questions about yours, contact us.

This lint filter stops particles and fibers released from clothing so that they do not leave the circuit and cause dirt on the outside. It is recommended to keep the filter clean and change it when breaks are noticed in the nylon mesh.

Reference: 00652184

Modelos Balay, Lynx, Bosch:

1KDR72007 WT44E300 WT46E372EX WTE84101FR WTE861S2NL
3SC71600A WT44E300FF WT46E372FG WTE84101IT WTE86300AU
3SC81400A WT44E300TR WT46E373FG WTE84101SN WTE86300SK
3SC81601A WT44E301 WT46E374DN WTE84101TR WTE86300US
3SC81602A WT44E301NL WT46E375DN WTE84102GB WTE86301
3SC83600A WT44E301TR WT46E375EX WTE84102SN WTE86301CH
3SC83602A WT44E307FF WT46E380 WTE84103FF WTE86301EE
3SC873 WT44E308FF WT46E380GB WTE84103FG WTE86301FF
3SC883 WT44E372DN WT46E381 WTE84103GB WTE86301FG
3SC885 WT44E373DN WT46E381CH WTE84103NL WTE86301NL
3SC908CE WT44E380FF WT46E381FF WTE84104FF WTE86301SN
3SC918CE WT44E381SN WT46E381GB WTE84104GB WTE86302
3SC928A WT44E382SN WT46E381NL WTE84104NL WTE86302AU
3SC930A WT44E3M0 WT46E381SN WTE84105GB WTE86302BY
3SE939CE WT44E3M0NL WT46E382CH WTE84106GB WTE86302CH
3SE949CE WT46CYLE01 WT46E382FF WTE84107DN WTE86302EE
4SE71400A WT46E100 WT46E382NL WTE84107EE WTE86302GR
KDR72007 WT46E100GB WT46E384CH WTE84107SN WTE86302NL
KM8430CTR WT46E100NL WT46E384NL WTE84120BY WTE86302SN
KM8431CTR WT46E101EE WT46E385 WTE84120FG WTE86303AU
KM8432CTR WT46E101GB WT46E385GB WTE84121BY WTE86303CH
R7380X0EU WT46E102 WT46E386 WTE84121FG WTE86303FF
R7380X1EU WT46E102EE WT46E387GB WTE84123BY WTE86303GR
R8580X0GB WT46E103 WT46E388GB WTE84123OE WTE86303PL
R8580X1GB WT46E103GR WT46E389GB WTE84124IL WTE86303TR
WKV4E100FF WT46E110EE WT46E39B WTE84160FG WTE86304
WT34V100 WT46E160FG WT46E3E1 WTE84160SK WTE86304CH
WT34V100EE WT46E162FG WT46E3F0NL WTE84170NL WTE86304FF
WT34V100FG WT46E163FG WT46E3F1EE WTE84171NL WTE86304IL
WT34V100HK WT46E171NL WT46E3F1NL WTE84172NL WTE86305
WT34V100ME WT46E173NL WT46E3F3EE WTE84173NL WTE86305BY
WT34V100NL WT46E174NL WT46E3F3NL WTE8417MNL WTE86305FF
WT34V100TH WT46E180 WT46E3F4EE WTE8417SNL WTE86305NL
WT34V101FG WT46E180NL WT46E3F4NL WTE84182 WTE86305OE
WT34V170NL WT46E181NL WT46E3FF WTE84183 WTE86305PL
WT34V180FF WT46E182NL WT46E3G0 WTE841E0SN WTE86306NL
WT34V180NL WT46E183NL WT46E3G1 WTE841E1SN WTE86307FF
WT34V300 WT46E185 WT46E3M5 WTE841P1EE WTE86310IT
WT34V300EE WT46E1F2 WT46E3P0 WTE84300 WTE86311IT
WT34V305 WT46E1K3 WT46E3R0 WTE84300NL WTE86312IT
WT34V380FF WT46E1M1CH WT46E3R5 WTE84300TR WTE8631PEE
WT34V381FF WT46E300CH WT46E3S5 WTE84301 WTE86320EE
WT36V300DN WT46E300SK WT46E3X3 WTE84301GB WTE86321NL
WT36V300FG WT46E300US WT46S500NL WTE84301TR WTE8632PEE
WT36V300NL WT46E301 WT46S504FG WTE84302FF WTE86361SN
WT36V304FG WT46E301CH WT46S505FG WTE84302FG WTE86362SN
WT36V320FG WT46E301DN WT46S513NL WTE84304FG WTE86363SN
WT36V320NL WT46E301EE WT46S513TR WTE84305BY WTE8637F
WT36V321FG WT46E301FG WT46S514BY WTE84305FF WTE86380
WT36V321NL WT46E301GR WT46S515 WTE84305GB WTE86381
WT36V380 WT46E301IT WT46S515BY WTE84306FF WTE86381CH
WT36V380FG WT46E301NL WT46S515GC WTE84306GB WTE86381FG
WT36V381 WT46E301TH WT46S515OE WTE84306NL WTE86381NL
WT36V385 WT46E302 WT46S515PL WTE84307FF WTE86381SN
WT36V395GB WT46E302BY WT46S51A WTE84307GB WTE86382FG
WT44E100 WT46E302DN WT46S51STR WTE84309GB WTE86382NL
WT44E100FG WT46E302EE WT46S52STR WTE84310FF WTE86382SN
WT44E100IN WT46E302FG WT46S530EE WTE84321FG WTE86384NL
WT44E100NL WT46E302GR WT46S540FF WTE84381SN WTE86385NL
WT44E100SK WT46E302HK WT46S570FG WTE84382FF WTE86386
WT44E100TR WT46E302NL WT46S571DN WTE84382SN WTE86390SN
WT44E101 WT46E302TH WT46S571EE WTE84383NL WTE86393SN
WT44E101CH WT46E302TR WT46S572EE WTE84383SN WTE86394SN
WT44E101EE WT46E303EE WT46S583FF WTE84384SN WTE863D1NL
WT44E101FG WT46E303TH WT46S583NL WTE843A5 WTE863D2NL
WT44E101ME WT46E304 WT46S584CH WTE843H3 WTE863D3NL
WT44E101SN WT46E304FG WT46S591AU WTE84MR1CH WTE863
WT44E101TR WT46E304NL WT46S592AU WTE84SH1CH WTE88375
WT44E102 WT46E305 WT46S592HK WTE86100NL WTP60100
WT44E102FG WT46E305BY WT46S594 WTE86101IT WTP64107
WT44E102NL WT46E305DN WT46S596GB WTE86103 WTS84500GB
WT44E103DN WT46E305FG WT46S597GB WTE86103GR WTS84501GB
WT44E103FG WT46E305IT WT46SM30EU WTE86103IT WTS84502FG
WT44E107FI WT46E305PL WT46SM31EU WTE86103PL WTS84503FG
WT44E160SK WT46E306EE WTE84100 WTE86104IT WTS84506FG
WT44E170NL WT46E30A WTE84100AU WTE8610S WTS86500GB
WT44E172NL WT46E311NL WTE84100BY WTE86110EE WTS86500NL
WT44E173NL WT46E315FF WTE84100CH WTE86111EE WTS86501EE
WT44E174NL WT46E321EE WTE84100FF WTE86171EX WTS86501FG
WT44E175NL WT46E321FG WTE84100IN WTE86171NL WTS86501GB
WT44E176NL WT46E361SN WTE84100NL WTE86172EX WTS86501NL
WT44E180FF WT46E362DN WTE84100SK WTE86176 WTS86502EE
WT44E181FR WT46E364DN WTE84100TR WTE86181NL WTS86513TR
WT44E182 WT46E365DN WTE84101 WTE86182NL WTS86514BY
WT44E183 WT46E370NL WTE84101AU WTE86184 WTS86514CH
WT44E184FF WT46E370SN WTE84101CH WTE86185 WTS86515
WT44E185FF WT46E371EX WTE84101EE WTE861E2 WTS86515BY
WT44E1L7DN WT46E371NL WTE84101FG WTE861F2 WTS86515IT